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5 Alternative Words Similar to decker

1 Decker Noun      Synonym Words Like Decker
2 Artefact Noun      Synonym Words Like Artefact
3 Artifact Noun      Synonym Words Like Artifact
4 Pamphleteer Noun      Synonym Words Like Pamphleteer
5 Coverer Noun      Synonym

2 examples of decker

1 a table decker
2 a single-decker; a three-decker; a double-decker bus.

9 definitions of decker

1 One who, or that which, decks or adorns; a coverer.
2 A vessel or vehicle which has a deck or decks; -- used esp. in composition
3 (often used in combinations) something constructed with multiple levels
4 English dramatist and pamphleteer (1572-1632)
5 Something having a deck or an indicated number of levels, stories, or tiers. Often used in combination: a three-decker apartment house; double-decker buses.
6 One who or that which decks or adorns; a coverer: as, a table-decker.
7 A vessel that has a deck or decks: as, a two-decker.
8 In lumbering, one who rolls logs upon a skidway or log-deck.
9 Something having numerous levels.
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