Words Like FREE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FREE.

62 Alternative Words Similar to free

1 Complimentary Adjective      Synonym Words Like Complimentary
2 Loose Adjective      Synonym Words Like Loose
3 Bound Adjective      Antonym Words Like Bound
4 Free Adjective      Related Words Like Free
5 Unrestrained Adjective      Related Words Like Unrestrained
6 Unrestricted Adjective      Related Words Like Unrestricted
7 Available Adjective      Similar Words Like Available
8 Clear Adjective      Similar Words Like Clear
9 Unpaid Adjective      Similar Words Like Unpaid
10 People Noun      Synonym Words Like People
11 Liberate Verb      Synonym Words Like Liberate
12 Release Verb      Synonym Words Like Release
13 Unloose Verb      Synonym Words Like Unloose
14 Unloosen Verb      Synonym Words Like Unloosen
15 Rid Verb      Synonym Words Like Rid
16 Disembarrass Verb      Synonym Words Like Disembarrass
17 Dislodge Verb      Synonym Words Like Dislodge
18 Exempt Verb      Synonym Words Like Exempt
19 Relieve Verb      Synonym Words Like Relieve
20 Discharge Verb      Synonym Words Like Discharge
21 Disengage Verb      Synonym Words Like Disengage
22 Absolve Verb      Synonym Words Like Absolve
23 Relinquish Verb      Synonym Words Like Relinquish
24 Resign Verb      Synonym Words Like Resign
25 Give Verb      Synonym Words Like Give
26 Hand Verb      Synonym Words Like Hand
27 Issue Verb      Synonym Words Like Issue
28 Pass Verb      Synonym Words Like Pass
29 Reach Verb      Synonym Words Like Reach
30 Remove Verb      Synonym Words Like Remove
31 Supply Verb      Synonym Words Like Supply
32 Take Verb      Synonym Words Like Take
33 Withdraw Verb      Synonym Words Like Withdraw
34 Blame Verb      Antonym Words Like Blame
35 Block Verb      Antonym Words Like Block
36 Confine Verb      Antonym Words Like Confine
37 Enforce Verb      Antonym Words Like Enforce
38 Lodge Verb      Antonym Words Like Lodge
39 Guiltless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Guiltless
40 Innocent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Innocent
41 Ingenuous Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ingenuous
42 Frank Adjective      Synonym Words Like Frank
43 Familiar Adjective      Synonym Words Like Familiar
44 Communicative Adjective      Synonym Words Like Communicative
45 Immoderate Adjective      Synonym Words Like Immoderate
46 Lavish Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lavish
47 Easy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Easy
48 Ready Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ready
49 Open Adjective      Synonym Words Like Open
50 Dissevered Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dissevered
51 Willingly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Willingly
52 Dispense Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dispense
53 Sacrifice Verb      Hyponym Words Like Sacrifice
54 Smooth Verb      Hyponym Words Like Smooth
55 Disinfest Verb      Hyponym
56 Disembody Verb      Hyponym
57 Divest Verb      Hyponym Words Like Divest
58 Takeover Verb      Hyponym Words Like Takeover
59 Cut Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cut
60 Cashier Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cashier
61 Nonexistent Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Nonexistent
62 Generate Verb      Hypernym Words Like Generate

10 examples of free

1 free with his money
2 free from pain; free from a burden
3 a free horse
4 a free school
5 free admission; a free gift.
6 free service; free socage.
7 a free fishery; a free warren.
8 free carbonic acid gas; free cells.
9 a free translation of the poem
10 a free lane

10 definitions of free

1 Exempt from subjection to the will of others; not under restraint, control, or compulsion; able to follow one's own impulses, desires, or inclinations; determining one's own course of action; not dependent; at liberty.
2 Not under an arbitrary or despotic government; subject only to fixed laws regularly and fairly administered, and defended by them from encroachments upon natural or acquired rights; enjoying political liberty.
3 Liberated, by arriving at a certain age, from the control of parents, guardian, or master.
4 Not confined or imprisoned; released from arrest; liberated; at liberty to go.
5 Not subjected to the laws of physical necessity; capable of voluntary activity; endowed with moral liberty; -- said of the will.
6 Clear of offense or crime; guiltless; innocent.
7 Unconstrained by timidity or distrust; unreserved; ingenuous; frank; familiar; communicative.
8 Unrestrained; immoderate; lavish; licentious; -- used in a bad sense.
9 Not close or parsimonious; liberal; open-handed; lavish.
10 Exempt; clear; released; liberated; not encumbered or troubled with; ; -- followed by from, or, rarely, by of.
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