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37 Alternative Words Similar to key

1 Cardinal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Cardinal
2 Central Adjective      Synonym Words Like Central
3 Fundamental Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fundamental
4 Primal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Primal
5 Operative Adjective      Synonym Words Like Operative
6 Important Adjective      Similar Words Like Important
7 Significant Adjective      Similar Words Like Significant
8 Key Noun      Synonym Words Like Key
9 Paint Noun      Synonym Words Like Paint
10 Device Noun      Synonym Words Like Device
11 Explanation Noun      Synonym Words Like Explanation
12 Lever Noun      Synonym Words Like Lever
13 List Noun      Synonym Words Like List
14 Listing Noun      Synonym Words Like Listing
15 Pitch Noun      Synonym Words Like Pitch
16 Space Noun      Synonym Words Like Space
17 Identify Verb      Synonym Words Like Identify
18 Discover Verb      Synonym Words Like Discover
19 Distinguish Verb      Synonym Words Like Distinguish
20 Describe Verb      Synonym Words Like Describe
21 Name Verb      Synonym Words Like Name
22 Furnish Verb      Synonym Words Like Furnish
23 Harmonise Verb      Synonym Words Like Harmonise
24 Harmonize Verb      Synonym Words Like Harmonize
25 Provide Verb      Synonym Words Like Provide
26 Reconcile Verb      Synonym Words Like Reconcile
27 Render Verb      Synonym Words Like Render
28 Supply Verb      Synonym Words Like Supply
29 Cotter Noun      Synonym Words Like Cotter
30 Forelock Noun      Synonym Words Like Forelock
31 Backspacer Noun      Hyponym
32 Return Noun      Hyponym Words Like Return
33 Backspace Noun      Hyponym Words Like Backspace
34 Shift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Shift
35 Latchkey Noun      Hyponym
36 Master Noun      Hyponym Words Like Master
37 Keyword Noun      Hyponym

9 examples of key

1 a watch key; a bed key; the winding key for a clock, etc.
2 the keys of a piano, an organ, an accordion, a computer keyboard, or of a typewriter.
3 the key of a line of defense; the key of a country; the key of a political situation
4 the key to a riddle; the key to a problem.
5 a telegraph key
6 he dominates play in the paint
7 an example that was fundamental to the argument
8 computers are fundamental to modern industrial structure
9 the central cause of the problem

10 definitions of key

1 An instrument by means of which the bolt of a lock is shot or drawn; usually, a removable metal instrument fitted to the mechanism of a particular lock and operated by turning in its place.
2 A small device which is inserted into a mechanism and turned like a key to fasten, adjust, or wind it
3 One of a set of small movable parts on an instrument or machine which, by being depressed, serves as the means of operating it; the complete set of keys is usually called the keyboard; The keys may operate parts of the instrument by a mechanical action, as on a piano, or by closing an electrical circuit, as on a computer keyboard. See also senses 12 and 13.
4 A position or condition which affords entrance, control, pr possession, etc..
5 That part of a mechanism which serves to lock up, make fast, or adjust to position.
6 A piece of wood used as a wedge.
7 The last board of a floor when laid down.
8 A keystone.
9 That part of the plastering which is forced through between the laths and holds the rest in place.
10 A wedge to unite two or more pieces, or adjust their relative position; a cotter; a forelock.
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