Words Like SAVVY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SAVVY.

26 Alternative Words Similar to savvy

1 Understanding Noun      Synonym Words Like Understanding
2 Apprehension Noun      Synonym Words Like Apprehension
3 Discernment Noun      Synonym Words Like Discernment
4 Knowing Noun      Synonym Words Like Knowing
5 Grok Verb      Synonym Words Like Grok
6 Comprehend Verb      Synonym Words Like Comprehend
7 Dig Verb      Synonym Words Like Dig
8 Grasp Verb      Synonym Words Like Grasp
9 Compass Verb      Synonym Words Like Compass
10 Apprehend Verb      Synonym Words Like Apprehend
11 Understand Verb      Synonym Words Like Understand
12 Know Verb      Synonym Words Like Know
13 Appreciation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Appreciation
14 Recognition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Recognition
15 Hold Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hold
16 Insight Noun      Hyponym Words Like Insight
17 Realisation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Realisation
18 Brainwave Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brainwave
19 Hindsight Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hindsight
20 Grasping Noun      Hyponym Words Like Grasping
21 Realization Noun      Hyponym Words Like Realization
22 Brainstorm Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brainstorm
23 Figure Verb      Hyponym Words Like Figure
24 Intuit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Intuit
25 Tumble Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tumble
26 Digest Verb      Hyponym Words Like Digest

10 definitions of savvy

1 To understand; to comprehend; know.
2 Comprehension; knowledge of affairs; mental grasp; also, practical know-how; common sense.
3 the cognitive condition of someone who understands
4 get the meaning of something
5 Well informed and perceptive; shrewd: savvy Washington insiders.
6 Practical understanding or shrewdness: a banker known for financial savvy.
7 To understand; comprehend.
8 To know; understand; “twig”: as, do you savvy that?
9 To possess knowledge.
10 General cleverness; knowledge of the world: as, he has lots of savvy.
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