We have put together a list of words that are similar to UNDERSTANDING.

38 Alternative Words Similar to understanding

1 Perceptive Adjective      Similar Words Like Perceptive
2 Apprehension Noun      Synonym Words Like Apprehension
3 Discernment Noun      Synonym Words Like Discernment
4 Savvy Noun      Synonym Words Like Savvy
5 Agreement Noun      Synonym Words Like Agreement
6 Sympathy Noun      Synonym Words Like Sympathy
7 Reason Noun      Synonym Words Like Reason
8 Intellect Noun      Synonym Words Like Intellect
9 Disposition Noun      Synonym Words Like Disposition
10 Faculty Noun      Synonym Words Like Faculty
11 Inclination Noun      Synonym Words Like Inclination
12 Knowing Noun      Synonym Words Like Knowing
13 Module Noun      Synonym Words Like Module
14 Statement Noun      Synonym Words Like Statement
15 Tendency Noun      Synonym Words Like Tendency
16 Intelligent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Intelligent
17 Skillful Adjective      Synonym Words Like Skillful
18 Knowledge Noun      Synonym Words Like Knowledge
19 Explanation Noun      Synonym Words Like Explanation
20 Covenant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Covenant
21 Settlement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Settlement
22 Submission Noun      Hyponym Words Like Submission
23 Bargain Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bargain
24 Sale Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sale
25 Entente Noun      Hyponym Words Like Entente
26 Deal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Deal
27 Reservation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reservation
28 Grasp Noun      Hyponym Words Like Grasp
29 Appreciation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Appreciation
30 Recognition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Recognition
31 Hold Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hold
32 Insight Noun      Hyponym Words Like Insight
33 Realisation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Realisation
34 Brainwave Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brainwave
35 Hindsight Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hindsight
36 Grasping Noun      Hyponym Words Like Grasping
37 Realization Noun      Hyponym Words Like Realization
38 Brainstorm Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brainstorm

4 examples of understanding

1 he is an understanding man
2 to come to an understanding with another
3 I knew I could count on his understanding
4 there was an understanding between management and the workers

10 definitions of understanding

1 Knowing; intelligent; skillful.
2 The act of one who understands a thing, in any sense of the verb; knowledge; discernment; comprehension; interpretation; explanation.
3 An agreement of opinion or feeling; adjustment of differences; harmony; anything mutually understood or agreed upon.
4 The power to understand; the intellectual faculty; the intelligence; the rational powers collectively conceived an designated; the higher capacities of the intellect; the power to distinguish truth from falsehood, and to adapt means to ends.
5 Specifically, the discursive faculty; the faculty of knowing by the medium or use of general conceptions or relations. In this sense it is contrasted with, and distinguished from, the reason.
6 an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion
7 the capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination
8 characterized by understanding based on comprehension and discernment and empathy
9 the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises
10 the cognitive condition of someone who understands
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