We have put together a list of words that are similar to THINKING.

15 Alternative Words Similar to thinking

1 Intelligent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Intelligent
2 Reasoning Adjective      Synonym Words Like Reasoning
3 Rational Adjective      Similar Words Like Rational
4 Thought Noun      Synonym Words Like Thought
5 Cerebration Noun      Synonym Words Like Cerebration
6 Intellection Noun      Synonym Words Like Intellection
7 Mentation Noun      Synonym Words Like Mentation
8 Judgment Noun      Synonym Words Like Judgment
9 Ideation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ideation
10 Preparation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Preparation
11 Explanation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Explanation
12 Excogitation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Excogitation
13 Mysticism Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mysticism
14 Thread Noun      Hyponym Words Like Thread
15 Construction Noun      Hyponym Words Like Construction

2 examples of thinking

1 man is a thinking being
2 she paused for thought

10 definitions of thinking

1 Having the faculty of thought; cogitative; capable of a regular train of ideas.
2 The act of thinking; mode of thinking; imagination; cogitation; judgment.
3 the process of using your mind to consider something carefully
4 endowed with the capacity to reason
5 The act or practice of one that thinks; thought.
6 A way of reasoning; judgment: To my thinking, this is not a good idea.
7 Characterized by thought or thoughtfulness; rational: We are thinking animals.
8 The mental operation performed by one who thinks.
9 The faculty of thought; the mind.
10 That which is thought; a thought, idea, belief, opinion, notion, or the like.
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