Words Like THREAD

We have put together a list of words that are similar to THREAD.

36 Alternative Words Similar to thread

1 Yarn Noun      Synonym Words Like Yarn
2 Cerebration Noun      Synonym Words Like Cerebration
3 Intellection Noun      Synonym Words Like Intellection
4 Mentation Noun      Synonym Words Like Mentation
5 Object Noun      Synonym Words Like Object
6 Thinking Noun      Synonym Words Like Thinking
7 Thought Noun      Synonym Words Like Thought
8 Wind Verb      Synonym Words Like Wind
9 Wander Verb      Synonym Words Like Wander
10 String Verb      Synonym Words Like String
11 Draw Verb      Synonym Words Like Draw
12 Arrange Verb      Synonym Words Like Arrange
13 Extract Verb      Synonym Words Like Extract
14 Go Verb      Synonym Words Like Go
15 Guide Verb      Synonym Words Like Guide
16 Locomote Verb      Synonym Words Like Locomote
17 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
18 Pass Verb      Synonym Words Like Pass
19 Pull Verb      Synonym Words Like Pull
20 Run Verb      Synonym Words Like Run
21 Travel Verb      Synonym Words Like Travel
22 Screw Noun      Variant Words Like Screw
23 Quality Noun      Synonym Words Like Quality
24 Threaded Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Threaded
25 Threading Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Threading
26 Tinsel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tinsel
27 Worsted Noun      Hyponym Words Like Worsted
28 Woof Noun      Hyponym Words Like Woof
29 Filling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Filling
30 Ligature Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ligature
31 Weft Noun      Hyponym Words Like Weft
32 Floss Noun      Hyponym
33 Pile Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pile
34 Pick Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pick
35 Metallic Noun      Hyponym Words Like Metallic
36 Suture Noun      Hyponym

10 examples of thread

1 as the thread of a story, or of life, or of a discourse
2 to thread a needle
3 to thread a screw or nut
4 thread film
5 a thread of smoke climbed upward
6 from the air the road was a grey thread
7 the lighted ribbon of traffic
8 thread dried cranberries
9 the child drew glass beads on a string
10 sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body

10 definitions of thread

1 A very small twist of flax, wool, cotton, silk, or other fibrous substance, drawn out to considerable length; a compound cord consisting of two or more single yarns doubled, or joined together, and twisted; also, one fiber of a cord composed of multiple fibers.
2 A filament of any substance, as of glass, gold or silver; a filamentous part of an object, such as a flower; a component fiber of any or of any fibrous substance, as of bark.
3 The prominent part of the spiral of a screw or nut; the rib. See Screw, n., 1.
4 Something continued in a long course or tenor; a recurrent theme or related sequence of events in a larger story.
5 Fig.: Composition; quality; fineness.
6 A related sequence of instructions or actions within a program that runs at least in part independent of other actions within the program; -- such threads are capable of being executed only in oprating systems permittnig multitasking.
7 A sequence of messages posted to an on-line newsgroup or discussion group, dealing with the same topic; -- messages in such a thread typically refer to a previous posting, thus allowing their identification as part of the thread. Some news-reading programs allow a user to follow a single such thread independent of the other postings to that newsgroup.
8 To pass a thread through the eye of.
9 To pass or pierce through as a narrow way; also, to effect or make, as one's way, through or between obstacles; to thrid.
10 To form a thread, or spiral rib, on or in.
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