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7 Alternative Words Similar to bailey

1 Bailey Noun      Synonym Words Like Bailey
2 Lexicographer Noun      Synonym
3 Lexicologist Noun      Synonym
4 Singer Noun      Synonym Words Like Singer
5 Vocaliser Noun      Synonym Words Like Vocaliser
6 Vocalist Noun      Synonym Words Like Vocalist
7 Vocalizer Noun      Synonym Words Like Vocalizer

10 definitions of bailey

1 The external wall of defense about a feudal castle (see bail); by extension, any of the circuits of wall other than a keep or donjon, that is, any line of defense other than the innermost one.
2 As used by later writers, the outer court or base-court of a castle; by extension, any court of a defensive post used with a distinctive epithet.
3 Also ballium.
4 See bailie.
5 The outer wall of a feudal castle.
6 The space immediately within the outer wall of a castle or fortress.
7 A prison or court of justice; -- used in certain proper names; as, the Old Bailey in London; the New Bailey in Manchester.
8 English lexicographer who was the first to treat etymology consistently; his work was used as a reference by Samuel Johnson (died in 1742)
9 the outer defensive wall that surrounds the outer courtyard of a castle
10 the outer courtyard of a castle
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