Words Like BAR

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BAR.

53 Alternative Words Similar to bar

1 Measure Noun      Synonym Words Like Measure
2 Bar Noun      Synonym Words Like Bar
3 Automatic Noun      Synonym Words Like Automatic
4 Block Noun      Synonym Words Like Block
5 Counter Noun      Synonym Words Like Counter
6 Hinderance Noun      Synonym Words Like Hinderance
7 Hindrance Noun      Synonym Words Like Hindrance
8 Impediment Noun      Synonym Words Like Impediment
9 Impedimenta Noun      Synonym Words Like Impedimenta
10 Implement Noun      Synonym Words Like Implement
11 Obstructer Noun      Synonym Words Like Obstructer
12 Obstruction Noun      Synonym Words Like Obstruction
13 Obstructor Noun      Synonym Words Like Obstructor
14 Ridge Noun      Synonym Words Like Ridge
15 Support Noun      Synonym Words Like Support
16 Exclude Verb      Synonym Words Like Exclude
17 Barricade Verb      Synonym Words Like Barricade
18 Blockade Verb      Synonym Words Like Blockade
19 Stop Verb      Synonym Words Like Stop
20 Relegate Verb      Synonym Words Like Relegate
21 Disallow Verb      Synonym Words Like Disallow
22 Expel Verb      Synonym Words Like Expel
23 Fasten Verb      Synonym Words Like Fasten
24 Fix Verb      Synonym Words Like Fix
25 Forbid Verb      Synonym Words Like Forbid
26 Secure Verb      Synonym Words Like Secure
27 Rotor Noun      Hyponym
28 Drawbar Noun      Hyponym
29 Runway Noun      Hyponym
30 Handspike Noun      Hyponym
31 Lever Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lever
32 Heaver Noun      Hyponym
33 Track Noun      Hyponym Words Like Track
34 Handlebar Noun      Hyponym
35 Crossbar Noun      Hyponym
36 Core Noun      Hyponym Words Like Core
37 Prophylaxis Noun      Hyponym
38 Save Noun      Hyponym Words Like Save
39 Obviation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Obviation
40 Nonproliferation Noun      Hyponym
41 Forestalling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Forestalling
42 Preclusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Preclusion
44 Interception Noun      Hyponym
45 Nix Verb      Hypernym Words Like Nix
46 Band Noun      Hyponym Words Like Band
47 Marking Noun      Hypernym Words Like Marking
48 Sandbar Noun      Hyponym
49 Closeup Verb      Hypernym Words Like Closeup
50 Close Verb      Hyponym Words Like Close
51 Buffet Noun      Hyponym Words Like Buffet
52 Barrelhouse Noun      Hyponym
53 Speakeasy Noun      Hyponym

9 examples of bar

1 the bars of a fence or gate; the bar of a door
2 a bar of gold or of lead; a bar of soap
3 the bar of the House of Commons
4 the bar of public opinion; the bar of God
5 a bar of light; a bar of color
6 money was allocated to study the cause and prevention of influenza
7 may the Stars and Stripes forever wave
8 stop the busy road
9 barricade the streets

10 definitions of bar

1 A piece of wood, metal, or other material, long in proportion to its breadth or thickness, used as a lever and for various other purposes, but especially for a hindrance, obstruction, or fastening.
2 An indefinite quantity of some substance, so shaped as to be long in proportion to its breadth and thickness.
3 Anything which obstructs, hinders, or prevents; an obstruction; a barrier.
4 A bank of sand, gravel, or other matter, esp. at the mouth of a river or harbor, obstructing navigation.
5 Any railing that divides a room, or office, or hall of assembly, in order to reserve a space for those having special privileges.
6 The railing that incloses the place which counsel occupy in courts of justice. Hence, the phrase at the bar of the court signifies in open court.
7 The place in court where prisoners are stationed for arraignment, trial, or sentence.
8 The whole body of lawyers licensed in a court or district; the legal profession.
9 A special plea constituting a sufficient answer to plaintiff's action.
10 Any tribunal.
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