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3 Alternative Words Similar to ca

1 Calcium Noun      Synonym Words Like Calcium
2 Ca Noun      Synonym Words Like Ca
3 Metal Noun      Synonym Words Like Metal

10 definitions of ca

1 A Scotch contraction of call.
2 To drive; impel; push; knock: as, to ca' a man ower (over).
3 A word of no definite individual meaning, occurring in the proverbial phrase ca me, ca thee (now also claw me, claw thee), help (or serve) me and I'll help you.
4 See coe.
5 A Babylonian measure of capacity, identified with the Hebrew bath or ephah.
6 In chem., the symbol for calcium.
7 In dates, a contraction of Latin circa, about: as, ca. 1300, about 1300.
8 An abbreviation of cases;
9 of centare.
10 An abbreviation of Fellow of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences.
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