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3 Alternative Words Similar to calliope

1 Calliope Noun      Synonym Words Like Calliope
2 Instrument Noun      Synonym Words Like Instrument
3 Muse Noun      Synonym Words Like Muse

10 definitions of calliope

1 In Gr. Myth., the muse who presided over eloquence and heroic poetry. Also spelled Kalliope.
2 [lowercase] The name given to a harsh musical instrument consisting of a number of steam-whistles tuned to produce different tones. Also called steam-organ.
3 [NL.] In ornithology: A genus of small sylviine birds, related to Cyanecula, the type of which is an Asiatic warbler, Calliope kamchatkensis. Gould, 1836, The term had previously been the specific name of the same bird.
4 [lowercase] The specific name of a humming-bird, Stellula calliope, inhabiting the western United States and Mexico, having the crown and back golden-green, the gorget violet and lilac, set in snowy-white.
5 A genus of mammals.
6 A genus of dipterous insects.
7 A genus of amphipods.
8 A musical organ, consisting of steam whistles played with a keyboard. Often used with merry-go-rounds.
9 a musical instrument consisting of a series of steam whistles played from a keyboard
10 (Greek mythology) the Muse of epic poetry
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