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13 Alternative Words Similar to canton

1 Canton Noun      Synonym Words Like Canton
2 Quarter Verb      Synonym Words Like Quarter
3 Billet Verb      Synonym Words Like Billet
4 Accommodate Verb      Synonym Words Like Accommodate
5 Dissever Verb      Synonym Words Like Dissever
6 Divide Verb      Synonym Words Like Divide
7 Lodge Verb      Synonym Words Like Lodge
8 Separate Verb      Synonym Words Like Separate
9 Split Verb      Synonym Words Like Split
10 Division Noun      Synonym Words Like Division
11 Compartment Noun      Synonym Words Like Compartment
12 Cantoned Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Cantoned
13 Cantoning Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Cantoning

10 definitions of canton

1 A song or canto.
2 A small portion; a division; a compartment.
3 A small community or clan.
4 A small territorial district; esp. one of the twenty-two independent states which form the Swiss federal republic; in France, a subdivision of an arrondissement. See Arrondissement.
5 A division of a shield occupying one third part of the chief, usually on the dexter side, formed by a perpendicular line from the top of the shield, meeting a horizontal line from the side.
6 To divide into small parts or districts; to mark off or separate, as a distinct portion or division.
7 To allot separate quarters to, as to different parts or divisions of an army or body of troops.
8 divide into cantons, of a country
9 provide housing for (military personnel)
10 a small administrative division of a country
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