Words Like CLEAN

We have put together a list of words that are similar to CLEAN.

49 Alternative Words Similar to clean

1 Clear Adjective      Synonym Words Like Clear
2 Light Adjective      Synonym Words Like Light
3 Unclouded Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unclouded
4 Fresh Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fresh
5 Fair Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fair
6 Blank Adjective      Synonym Words Like Blank
7 White Adjective      Synonym Words Like White
8 Sporty Adjective      Synonym Words Like Sporty
9 Neat Adjective      Synonym Words Like Neat
10 Dirty Adjective      Antonym Words Like Dirty
11 Clean Adjective      Related Words Like Clean
12 Decent Adjective      Related Words Like Decent
13 Pure Adjective      Related Words Like Pure
14 Tidy Adjective      Related Words Like Tidy
15 Complete Adjective      Similar Words Like Complete
16 Empty Adjective      Similar Words Like Empty
17 Just Adjective      Similar Words Like Just
18 Legible Adjective      Similar Words Like Legible
19 Moral Adjective      Similar Words Like Moral
20 Perfect Adjective      Similar Words Like Perfect
21 Unblemished Adjective      Similar Words Like Unblemished
22 Unqualified Adjective      Similar Words Like Unqualified
23 Pick Verb      Synonym Words Like Pick
24 Strip Verb      Synonym Words Like Strip
25 Alter Verb      Synonym Words Like Alter
26 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
27 Change Verb      Synonym Words Like Change
28 Divest Verb      Synonym Words Like Divest
29 Groom Verb      Synonym Words Like Groom
30 Modify Verb      Synonym Words Like Modify
31 Neaten Verb      Synonym Words Like Neaten
32 Remove Verb      Synonym Words Like Remove
33 Straighten Verb      Synonym Words Like Straighten
34 Take Verb      Synonym Words Like Take
35 Withdraw Verb      Synonym Words Like Withdraw
36 Entire Adjective      Synonym Words Like Entire
37 Healthy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Healthy
38 Wholly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Wholly
39 Entirely Adverb      Synonym Words Like Entirely
40 Dexterously Adverb      Synonym Words Like Dexterously
41 Floss Verb      Hyponym
42 Douche Verb      Hyponym
43 Sweep Verb      Hyponym Words Like Sweep
44 Hygienize Verb      Hyponym
45 Pipeclay Verb      Hyponym
46 Sanitise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Sanitise
47 Bream Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bream
48 Hygienise Verb      Hyponym
49 Brush Verb      Hyponym Words Like Brush

10 examples of clean

1 clean clothes
2 clean land; clean timber
3 a clean trick; a clean leap over a fence
4 a clean style
5 clean limbs
6 the tactical bomb is reasonably clean
7 cleaner and more efficient engines
8 a sporting solution of the disagreement
9 sportsmanlike conduct
10 the neat exactness of the surgeon's knife

10 definitions of clean

1 Free from dirt or filth.
2 Free from that which is useless or injurious; without defects.
3 Free from awkwardness; not bungling; adroit; dexterous.
4 Free from errors and vulgarisms.
5 Free from restraint or neglect; complete; entire.
6 Free from moral defilement; sinless; pure.
7 Free from ceremonial defilement.
8 Free from that which is corrupting to the morals; pure in tone; healthy.
9 Well-proportioned; shapely.
10 Without limitation or remainder; quite; perfectly; wholly; entirely.
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