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7 Alternative Words Similar to damsel

1 Demoiselle Noun      Synonym Words Like Demoiselle
2 Damoiselle Noun      Synonym Words Like Damoiselle
3 Damosel Noun      Synonym Words Like Damosel
4 Damozel Noun      Synonym Words Like Damozel
5 Maid Noun      Synonym Words Like Maid
6 Maiden Noun      Synonym Words Like Maiden
7 Girl Noun      Synonym Words Like Girl

1 examples of damsel

1 Damsel Pepin; Damsel Richard, Prince of Wales.

10 definitions of damsel

1 A young person, either male or female, of noble or gentle extraction
2 A young unmarried woman; a girl; a maiden.
3 An attachment to a millstone spindle for shaking the hopper.
4 a young unmarried woman
5 A young woman or girl; a maiden.
6 A young unmarried woman; especially, in former use, a maiden of gentle birth.
7 A contrivance put into a bed to warm the feet of old or sick persons. Bailey.
8 A projection on a millstone-spindle for shaking the shoe.
9 A titular designation of a young gentleman; a young man of gentle or noble birth: as, damsel Pepin; damsel Richard, Prince of Wales.
10 A young woman (of noble birth).
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