Words Like MAIDEN

We have put together a list of words that are similar to MAIDEN.

20 Alternative Words Similar to maiden

1 Inaugural Adjective      Synonym Words Like Inaugural
2 Initiative Adjective      Synonym Words Like Initiative
3 Initiatory Adjective      Synonym Words Like Initiatory
4 First Adjective      Synonym Words Like First
5 Opening Adjective      Similar Words Like Opening
6 Maid Noun      Synonym Words Like Maid
7 Fille Noun      Synonym Words Like Fille
8 Girl Noun      Synonym Words Like Girl
9 Miss Noun      Synonym Words Like Miss
10 Missy Noun      Synonym Words Like Missy
11 Over Noun      Synonym Words Like Over
12 Fresh Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fresh
13 Innocent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Innocent
14 Pure Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pure
15 Demoiselle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Demoiselle
16 Damsel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Damsel
17 Damoiselle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Damoiselle
18 Damozel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Damozel
19 Io Noun      Hyponym Words Like Io
20 Damosel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Damosel

6 examples of maiden

1 maiden innocence
2 a maiden aunt
3 his first (or maiden) speech in Congress
4 the liner's maiden voyage
5 an initiatory step toward a treaty
6 the initiative phase in the negotiations

10 definitions of maiden

1 An unmarried woman; a girl or woman who has not experienced sexual intercourse; a virgin; a maid.
2 A female servant.
3 An instrument resembling the guillotine, formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.
4 A machine for washing linen.
5 Of or pertaining to a maiden, or to maidens; suitable to, or characteristic of, a virgin.
6 Never having been married; not having had sexual intercourse; virgin; -- said usually of the woman, but sometimes of the man.
7 Fresh; innocent; unpolluted; pure; hitherto unused.
8 Used of a fortress, signifying that it has never been captured, or violated.
9 To act coyly like a maiden; -- with it as an indefinite object.
10 (cricket) an over in which no runs are scored
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