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5 Alternative Words Similar to esquire

1 Esquire Noun      Synonym Words Like Esquire
2 Attendant Noun      Synonym Words Like Attendant
3 Attender Noun      Synonym Words Like Attender
4 Man Noun      Synonym Words Like Man
5 Tender Noun      Synonym Words Like Tender

10 definitions of esquire

1 A shield-bearer or armor-bearer; an armiger; an attendant on a knight. See squire, 1.
2 A title of dignity next in degree below that of knight.
3 A gentleman who attends or escorts a lady in public.
4 To attend; wait on; escort, as a gentleman attending a lady in public. Todd. See squire, verb
5 In heraldry, a bearing somewhat resembling the gyron, but extending across the field so that the point touches the opposite edge of the escutcheon.
6 a squire; a youth who in the hopes of becoming a knight attended upon a knight
7 a lawyer
8 a shield-bearer, but also applied to other attendants.
9 a male member of the gentry ranking below a knight
10 an honorific sometimes placed after a man's name
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