We have put together a list of words that are similar to EVANESCE.

5 Alternative Words Similar to evanesce

1 Fade Verb      Synonym Words Like Fade
2 Fleet Verb      Synonym Words Like Fleet
3 Pass Verb      Synonym Words Like Pass
4 Disappear Verb      Synonym Words Like Disappear
5 Vanish Verb      Synonym Words Like Vanish

7 definitions of evanesce

1 To vanish away; to become dissipated and disappear, like vapor.
2 disappear gradually
3 To dissipate or disappear like vapor. See Synonyms at disappear.
4 To vanish away or by degrees; disappear gradually; fade out or away; be dissipated: as, evanescing colors or vapors.
5 To disappear, as the edge of a polyhedron, by the rotation of two adjacent faces into one plane.
6 To disappear into a mist or dissipate in vapor
7 To transition from the solid state to gaseous state without ever becoming a liquid
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