We have put together a list of words that are similar to FACULTATIVE.

3 Alternative Words Similar to facultative

1 Ability Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ability
2 Obligate Adjective      Antonym Words Like Obligate
3 Power Adjective      Related Words Like Power

2 examples of facultative

1 facultative enactments, or those which convey a faculty, or permission; the facultative referendum of Switzerland is one that is optional with the people and is necessary only when demanded by petition; facultative studies;
2 a facultative parasite, a plant which is normally saprophytic, but which may exist wholly or in part as a parasite

10 definitions of facultative

1 Having relation to the grant or exercise faculty, or authority, privilege, license, or the like hence, optional; -- opposed to obligatory and compulsory, and sometimes used with to.
2 Of such a character as to admit of existing under various forms or conditions, or of happening or not happening, or the like
3 Pertaining to a faculty or faculties.
4 able to exist under more than one set of conditions
5 not compulsory
6 granting a privilege or permission or power to do or not do something
7 of or relating to the mental faculties
8 Of or relating to a mental faculty.
9 Capable of occurring or not occurring; contingent.
10 Not required or compulsory; optional.
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