Words Like POWER

We have put together a list of words that are similar to POWER.

77 Alternative Words Similar to power

1 Powerfulness Noun      Synonym Words Like Powerfulness
2 Ability Noun      Synonym Words Like Ability
3 Office Noun      Synonym Words Like Office
4 Force Noun      Synonym Words Like Force
5 Exponent Noun      Synonym Words Like Exponent
6 Index Noun      Synonym Words Like Index
7 Might Noun      Synonym Words Like Might
8 Mightiness Noun      Synonym Words Like Mightiness
9 Superpower Noun      Synonym Words Like Superpower
10 Baron Noun      Synonym Words Like Baron
11 King Noun      Synonym Words Like King
12 Magnate Noun      Synonym Words Like Magnate
13 Mogul Noun      Synonym Words Like Mogul
14 Tycoon Noun      Synonym Words Like Tycoon
15 Businessman Noun      Synonym Words Like Businessman
16 Cause Noun      Synonym Words Like Cause
17 Cognition Noun      Synonym Words Like Cognition
18 Commonwealth Noun      Synonym Words Like Commonwealth
19 Country Noun      Synonym Words Like Country
20 Knowledge Noun      Synonym Words Like Knowledge
21 Land Noun      Synonym Words Like Land
22 Nation Noun      Synonym Words Like Nation
23 Noesis Noun      Synonym Words Like Noesis
24 Quality Noun      Synonym Words Like Quality
25 State Noun      Synonym Words Like State
26 Strength Noun      Synonym Words Like Strength
27 Inability Noun      Antonym Words Like Inability
28 Powerlessness Noun      Antonym Words Like Powerlessness
29 Cater Verb      Synonym Words Like Cater
30 Ply Verb      Synonym Words Like Ply
31 Provide Verb      Synonym Words Like Provide
32 Supply Verb      Synonym Words Like Supply
33 Poor Noun      Variant Words Like Poor
34 Susceptibility Noun      Synonym Words Like Susceptibility
35 Influence Noun      Synonym Words Like Influence
36 Dominion Noun      Synonym Words Like Dominion
37 Command Noun      Synonym Words Like Command
38 Government Noun      Synonym Words Like Government
39 Spirit Noun      Synonym Words Like Spirit
40 Degree Noun      Hyponym Words Like Degree
41 Log Noun      Hyponym Words Like Log
42 Repellant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Repellant
43 Potency Noun      Hyponym Words Like Potency
45 Discretion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Discretion
46 Repellent Noun      Hyponym Words Like Repellent
47 Effectiveness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Effectiveness
48 Disposal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Disposal
49 Interest Noun      Hyponym Words Like Interest
51 Valency Noun      Hyponym Words Like Valency
52 Control Noun      Hyponym Words Like Control
53 Stranglehold Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stranglehold
54 Chokehold Noun      Hyponym Words Like Chokehold
55 Puissance Noun      Hyponym Words Like Puissance
57 Throttlehold Noun      Hyponym Words Like Throttlehold
58 Valence Noun      Hyponym Words Like Valence
59 Steamroller Noun      Hyponym Words Like Steamroller
60 Moloch Noun      Hyponym Words Like Moloch
61 Juggernaut Noun      Hyponym Words Like Juggernaut
62 Module Noun      Hyponym Words Like Module
63 Creativeness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Creativeness
64 Attainment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Attainment
65 Creativity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Creativity
66 Science Noun      Hyponym Words Like Science
67 Hand Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hand
68 Accomplishment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Accomplishment
69 Acquisition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Acquisition
70 Acquirement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Acquirement
71 Skill Noun      Hyponym Words Like Skill
72 Bilingualism Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bilingualism
73 Aptitude Noun      Hyponym Words Like Aptitude
74 Capacity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Capacity
75 Faculty Noun      Hyponym Words Like Faculty
76 Intelligence Noun      Hyponym Words Like Intelligence
77 Drive Verb      Hyponym Words Like Drive

10 examples of power

1 a man of great power; the power of capillary attraction; money gives power.
2 the power of steam in moving an engine; the power of truth, or of argument, in producing conviction; the power of enthusiasm.
3 great power of endurance
4 the great powers of Europe
5 a power o� good things
6 an engine of twenty horse power
7 water power; steam power; hand power, etc.
8 a dog power
9 a square is the second power, and a cube is third power, of a number
10 the power of thinking, reasoning, judging, willing, fearing, hoping, etc.

10 definitions of power

1 Same as poor, the fish.
2 Ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent; the faculty of doing or performing something; capacity for action or performance; capability of producing an effect, whether physical or moral: potency; might
3 Ability, regarded as put forth or exerted; strength, force, or energy in action
4 Capacity of undergoing or suffering; fitness to be acted upon; susceptibility; -- called also passive power.
5 The exercise of a faculty; the employment of strength; the exercise of any kind of control; influence; dominion; sway; command; government.
6 The agent exercising an ability to act; an individual invested with authority; an institution, or government, which exercises control; ; hence, often, a superhuman agent; a spirit; a divinity.
7 A military or naval force; an army or navy; a great host.
8 A large quantity; a great number.
9 The rate at which mechanical energy is exerted or mechanical work performed, as by an engine or other machine, or an animal, working continuously.
10 A mechanical agent; that from which useful mechanical energy is derived
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