Words Like FACULTY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FACULTY.

22 Alternative Words Similar to faculty

1 Module Noun      Synonym Words Like Module
2 Ability Noun      Synonym Words Like Ability
3 Body Noun      Synonym Words Like Body
4 Power Noun      Synonym Words Like Power
5 Authority Noun      Synonym Words Like Authority
6 License Noun      Synonym Words Like License
7 Retentiveness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Retentiveness
8 Intellect Noun      Hyponym Words Like Intellect
9 Reason Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reason
10 Sensation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sensation
11 Sentiency Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sentiency
12 Sentience Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sentience
13 Understanding Noun      Hyponym Words Like Understanding
14 Sense Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sense
15 Retentivity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Retentivity
16 Memory Noun      Hyponym Words Like Memory
17 Speech Noun      Hyponym Words Like Speech
18 Will Noun      Hyponym Words Like Will
19 Retention Noun      Hyponym Words Like Retention
20 Language Noun      Hyponym Words Like Language
21 Attention Noun      Hyponym Words Like Attention
22 Volition Noun      Hyponym Words Like Volition

2 examples of faculty

1 faculties of the mind or the soul
2 the medical faculty; the legal faculty, etc.

10 definitions of faculty

1 Ability to act or perform, whether inborn or cultivated; capacity for any natural function; especially, an original mental power or capacity for any of the well-known classes of mental activity; psychical or soul capacity; capacity for any of the leading kinds of soul activity, as knowledge, feeling, volition; intellectual endowment or gift; power.
2 Special mental endowment; characteristic knack.
3 Power; prerogative or attribute of office.
4 Privilege or permission, granted by favor or indulgence, to do a particular thing; authority; license; dispensation.
5 A body of a men to whom any specific right or privilege is granted; formerly, the graduates in any of the four departments of a university or college (Philosophy, Law, Medicine, or Theology), to whom was granted the right of teaching (profitendi or docendi) in the department in which they had studied; at present, the members of a profession itself
6 The body of person to whom are intrusted the government and instruction of a college or university, or of one of its departments; the president, professors, and tutors in a college.
7 one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
8 the body of teachers and administrators at a school
9 An inherent power or ability.
10 Any of the powers or capacities possessed by the human mind. See Synonyms at ability.
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