Words Like FAVORED

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FAVORED.

12 Alternative Words Similar to favored

1 Pet Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pet
2 Preferred Adjective      Synonym Words Like Preferred
3 Preferent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Preferent
4 Advantaged Adjective      Synonym Words Like Advantaged
5 Favorite Adjective      Synonym Words Like Favorite
6 Favourite Adjective      Synonym Words Like Favourite
7 Fortunate Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fortunate
8 Golden Adjective      Synonym Words Like Golden
9 Blessed Adjective      Similar Words Like Blessed
10 Blest Adjective      Similar Words Like Blest
11 Loved Adjective      Similar Words Like Loved
12 Privileged Adjective      Similar Words Like Privileged

2 examples of favored

1 a favored friend
2 well-favored; hard-favored, etc.

10 definitions of favored

1 Countenanced; aided; regarded with kindness.
2 Having a certain favor or appearance; featured
3 preferred above all others and treated with partiality
4 Treated or thought of with great kindness or partiality: the favored child.
5 Endowed with special gifts, talents, or advantages.
6 Having an appearance of a specified kind. Often used in combination: ill-favored; well-favored.
7 Featured; looking, etc.: in compounds or phrases: as, a hard-favored man; he is well favored.
8 Adorned with a favor; wearing a favor: usually in compounds.
9 In organic chemistry, noting that configuration of the atoms or radicals in a compound in which the atoms which have an attraction for each other are brought as close together as possible.
10 Alternative form of favoured.
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