We have put together a list of words that are similar to FAVORITE.

12 Alternative Words Similar to favorite

1 Favourite Adjective      Synonym Words Like Favourite
2 Favored Adjective      Synonym Words Like Favored
3 Pet Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pet
4 Preferred Adjective      Synonym Words Like Preferred
5 Preferent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Preferent
6 Loved Adjective      Similar Words Like Loved
7 Choice Noun      Synonym Words Like Choice
8 Competition Noun      Synonym Words Like Competition
9 Lover Noun      Synonym Words Like Lover
10 Pick Noun      Synonym Words Like Pick
11 Selection Noun      Synonym Words Like Selection
12 Macushla Noun      Hyponym

1 examples of favorite

1 a favorite walk; a favorite child.

10 definitions of favorite

1 A person or thing regarded with peculiar favor; one treated with partiality; one preferred above others; especially, one unduly loved, trusted, and enriched with favors by a person of high rank or authority.
2 Short curls dangling over the temples; -- fashionable in the reign of Charles II.
3 The competitor (as a horse in a race) that is judged most likely to win; the competitor standing highest in the betting.
4 Regarded with particular affection, esteem, or preference
5 preferred above all others and treated with partiality
6 a special loved one
7 something regarded with special favor or liking
8 appealing to the general public
9 a competitor thought likely to win
10 One that enjoys special favor or regard.
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