Words Like JAUNT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to JAUNT.

12 Alternative Words Similar to jaunt

1 Expedition Noun      Synonym Words Like Expedition
2 Journey Noun      Synonym Words Like Journey
3 Journeying Noun      Synonym Words Like Journeying
4 Travel Verb      Synonym Words Like Travel
5 Trip Verb      Synonym Words Like Trip
6 Ramble Noun      Synonym Words Like Ramble
7 Airing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Airing
8 Commute Verb      Hyponym Words Like Commute
9 Visit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Visit
10 Ply Verb      Hyponym Words Like Ply
11 Run Verb      Hyponym Words Like Run
12 Peregrinate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Peregrinate

2 examples of jaunt

1 it was merely a pleasure trip
2 after cautious sashays into the field

10 definitions of jaunt

1 To ramble here and there; to stroll; to make an excursion.
2 To ride on a jaunting car.
3 To jolt; to jounce.
4 A wearisome journey.
5 A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment; a ramble; a short journey.
6 a journey taken for pleasure
7 make a trip for pleasure
8 A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing.
9 To make a short journey.
10 Same as jaunce.
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