We have put together a list of words that are similar to JUDGMENT.

44 Alternative Words Similar to judgment

1 Judgement Noun      Synonym Words Like Judgement
2 Mind Noun      Synonym Words Like Mind
3 Assessment Noun      Synonym Words Like Assessment
4 Opinion Noun      Synonym Words Like Opinion
5 Sagacity Noun      Synonym Words Like Sagacity
6 Sagaciousness Noun      Synonym Words Like Sagaciousness
7 Discernment Noun      Synonym Words Like Discernment
8 Act Noun      Synonym Words Like Act
9 Deciding Noun      Synonym Words Like Deciding
10 Instrument Noun      Synonym Words Like Instrument
11 Persuasion Noun      Synonym Words Like Persuasion
12 Sapience Noun      Synonym Words Like Sapience
13 Sentiment Noun      Synonym Words Like Sentiment
14 Thought Noun      Synonym Words Like Thought
15 Trait Noun      Synonym Words Like Trait
16 View Noun      Synonym Words Like View
17 Wisdom Noun      Synonym Words Like Wisdom
18 Decision Noun      Synonym Words Like Decision
19 Prejudgement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Prejudgement
20 Prejudgment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Prejudgment
21 Fatwah Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fatwah
22 Determination Noun      Hyponym Words Like Determination
23 Conclusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Conclusion
24 Justice Noun      Hyponym Words Like Justice
25 Estimation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Estimation
26 Disapproval Noun      Hyponym Words Like Disapproval
27 Rating Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rating
28 Estimate Noun      Hyponym Words Like Estimate
29 Adjudication Noun      Hyponym Words Like Adjudication
30 Evaluation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Evaluation
31 Deed Noun      Hypernym Words Like Deed
32 Objectivity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Objectivity
33 Subjectivity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Subjectivity
34 Objectiveness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Objectiveness
35 Subjectiveness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Subjectiveness
36 Arbitration Noun      Hyponym Words Like Arbitration
37 Finding Noun      Hyponym Words Like Finding
38 Arbitrement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Arbitrement
39 Affirmation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Affirmation
40 Arbitrament Noun      Hyponym Words Like Arbitrament
41 Discreetness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Discreetness
42 Sense Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sense
43 Discretion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Discretion
44 Eye Noun      Hyponym Words Like Eye

3 examples of judgment

1 by careful judgment he avoided the peril; by a series of wrong judgments he forfeited confidence.
2 a man of judgment; a politician without judgment.
3 she changed her mind

10 definitions of judgment

1 The act of judging; the operation of the mind, involving comparison and discrimination, by which a knowledge of the values and relations of things, whether of moral qualities, intellectual concepts, logical propositions, or material facts, is obtained
2 The power or faculty of performing such operations (see 1); esp., when unqualified, the faculty of judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely; good sense
3 The conclusion or result of judging; an opinion; a decision.
4 The act of determining, as in courts of law, what is conformable to law and justice; also, the determination, decision, or sentence of a court, or of a judge; the mandate or sentence of God as the judge of all.
5 That act of the mind by which two notions or ideas which are apprehended as distinct are compared for the purpose of ascertaining their agreement or disagreement. See 1. The comparison may be threefold: (1) Of individual objects forming a concept. (2) Of concepts giving what is technically called a judgment. (3) Of two judgments giving an inference. Judgments have been further classed as analytic, synthetic, and identical.
6 That power or faculty by which knowledge dependent upon comparison and discrimination is acquired. See 2.
7 A calamity regarded as sent by God, by way of recompense for wrong committed; a providential punishment.
8 The final award; the last sentence.
9 the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions
10 the legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision
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