We have put together a list of words that are similar to SAGACITY.

11 Alternative Words Similar to sagacity

1 Sagaciousness Noun      Synonym Words Like Sagaciousness
2 Judgment Noun      Synonym Words Like Judgment
3 Judgement Noun      Synonym Words Like Judgement
4 Discernment Noun      Synonym Words Like Discernment
5 Sapience Noun      Synonym Words Like Sapience
6 Wisdom Noun      Synonym Words Like Wisdom
7 Wiseness Noun      Synonym Words Like Wiseness
8 Discreetness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Discreetness
9 Sense Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sense
10 Discretion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Discretion
11 Eye Noun      Hyponym Words Like Eye

7 definitions of sagacity

1 The quality of being sagacious; quickness or acuteness of sense perceptions; keenness of discernment or penetration with soundness of judgment; shrewdness.
2 the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations
3 the trait of forming opinions by distinguishing and evaluating
4 The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
5 The state or character of being sagacious, in any sense; sagaciousness.
6 Synonyms Perspicacity, etc. (see judgment), insight, motherwit. See astute and discernment.
7 The quality of being sage, wise, or able to make good decisions.
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