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46 Alternative Words Similar to label

1 Brand Noun      Synonym Words Like Brand
2 Mark Noun      Synonym Words Like Mark
3 Marker Noun      Synonym Words Like Marker
4 Marking Noun      Synonym Words Like Marking
5 Tag Verb      Synonym Words Like Tag
6 Pronounce Verb      Synonym Words Like Pronounce
7 Judge Verb      Synonym Words Like Judge
8 Adjudge Verb      Synonym Words Like Adjudge
9 Attach Verb      Synonym Words Like Attach
10 Declare Verb      Synonym Words Like Declare
11 Denominate Verb      Synonym Words Like Denominate
12 Designate Verb      Synonym Words Like Designate
13 Differentiate Verb      Synonym Words Like Differentiate
14 Distinguish Verb      Synonym Words Like Distinguish
15 Hold Verb      Synonym Words Like Hold
16 Secern Verb      Synonym Words Like Secern
17 Secernate Verb      Synonym Words Like Secernate
18 Separate Verb      Synonym Words Like Separate
19 Severalise Verb      Synonym Words Like Severalise
20 Severalize Verb      Synonym Words Like Severalize
21 Tell Verb      Synonym Words Like Tell
22 Tassel Noun      Synonym Words Like Tassel
23 Labeled Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Labeled
24 Labelled Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Labelled
25 Labeling Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Labeling
26 Direct Verb      Hyponym Words Like Direct
27 Call Verb      Hyponym Words Like Call
28 Address Verb      Hyponym Words Like Address
29 Name Verb      Hyponym Words Like Name
30 Stigmatize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Stigmatize
31 Denounce Verb      Hyponym Words Like Denounce
32 Stigmatise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Stigmatise
33 Convict Verb      Hyponym Words Like Convict
34 Assoil Verb      Hyponym Words Like Assoil
35 Qualify Verb      Hyponym Words Like Qualify
36 Exonerate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Exonerate
37 Clear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Clear
38 Exculpate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Exculpate
39 Rule Verb      Hyponym Words Like Rule
40 Discharge Verb      Hyponym Words Like Discharge
41 Intone Verb      Hyponym Words Like Intone
42 Find Verb      Hyponym Words Like Find
43 Acquit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Acquit
44 Ticket Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ticket
45 Point Verb      Hyponym Words Like Point
46 Code Verb      Hyponym Words Like Code

2 examples of label

1 the label of a bottle or a package
2 to label a bottle or a package

10 definitions of label

1 A tassel.
2 A slip of silk, paper, parchment, etc., affixed to anything, and indicating, usually by an inscription, the contents, ownership, destination, etc..
3 A slip of ribbon, parchment, etc., attached to a document to hold the appended seal; also, the seal.
4 A writing annexed by way of addition, as a codicil added to a will.
5 A barrulet, or, rarely, a bendlet, with pendants, or points, usually three, especially used as a mark of cadency to distinguish an eldest or only son while his father is still living.
6 A brass rule with sights, formerly used, in connection with a circumferentor, to take altitudes.
7 The name now generally given to the projecting molding by the sides, and over the tops, of openings in mediæval architecture. It always has a square form, as in the illustration.
8 In mediæval art, the representation of a band or scroll containing an inscription.
9 To affix a label to; to mark with a name, etc..
10 To affix in or on a label.
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