We have put together a list of words that are similar to LANGSYNE.

3 Alternative Words Similar to langsyne

1 Past Noun      Synonym Words Like Past
2 Yesteryear Noun      Synonym Words Like Yesteryear
3 Yore Noun      Synonym Words Like Yore

5 examples of langsyne

1 lang syne
2 left for work long ago
3 they long ago forsook their nomadic life
4 This name has long since been forgotten
5 he has long since given up mountain climbing

5 definitions of langsyne

1 Time long past; the days of long ago. See syne.
2 Yesteryear, in the old days, some time ago.
3 of the distant or comparatively distant past
4 at a distant time in the past (chiefly Scottish)
5 past times remembered with nostalgia
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