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We have put together a list of words that are similar to LAUNCH.

20 Alternative Words Similar to launch

1 Launching Noun      Synonym Words Like Launching
2 Actuation Noun      Synonym Words Like Actuation
3 Propulsion Noun      Synonym Words Like Propulsion
4 Establish Verb      Synonym Words Like Establish
5 Found Verb      Synonym Words Like Found
6 Launch Verb      Synonym Words Like Launch
7 Plunge Verb      Synonym Words Like Plunge
8 Begin Verb      Synonym Words Like Begin
9 Commence Verb      Synonym Words Like Commence
10 Displace Verb      Synonym Words Like Displace
11 Get Verb      Synonym Words Like Get
12 Impel Verb      Synonym Words Like Impel
13 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
14 Open Verb      Synonym Words Like Open
15 Propel Verb      Synonym Words Like Propel
16 Smooth Verb      Synonym Words Like Smooth
17 Start Verb      Synonym Words Like Start
18 Launched Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Launched
19 Pierce Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Pierce
20 Float Verb      Hyponym Words Like Float

6 examples of launch

1 to launch a ship
2 to launch a son in the world; to launch a business project or enterprise.
3 to launch into the current of a stream; to launch into an argument or discussion; to launch into lavish expenditures
4 She plunged into a dangerous adventure
5 Launch a ship
6 Her actions set in motion a complicated judicial process

10 definitions of launch

1 To throw, as a lance or dart; to hurl; to let fly.
2 To strike with, or as with, a lance; to pierce.
3 To cause to move or slide from the land into the water; to set afloat.
4 To send out; to start (one) on a career; to set going; to give a start to (something); to put in operation
5 To move with force and swiftness like a sliding from the stocks into the water; to plunge; to make a beginning; ; -- often with out.
6 The act of launching.
7 The movement of a vessel from land into the water; especially, the sliding on ways from the stocks on which it is built.
8 The boat of the largest size belonging to a ship of war; also, an open boat of any size driven by steam, naphtha, electricity, or the like.
9 set up or found
10 begin with vigor
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