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4 Alternative Words Similar to mandrel

1 Spindle Noun      Synonym Words Like Spindle
2 Mandril Noun      Synonym Words Like Mandril
3 Arbor Noun      Synonym Words Like Arbor
4 Shaft Noun      Synonym Words Like Shaft

10 definitions of mandrel

1 A bar of metal inserted in the work to shape it, or to hold it, as in a lathe, during the process of manufacture; an arbor.
2 The live spindle of a turning lathe; the revolving arbor of a circular saw. It is usually driven by a pulley.
3 any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts
4 A spindle or an axle used to secure or support material being machined or milled.
5 A metal rod or bar around which material, such as metal or glass, may be shaped.
6 A shaft on which a working tool is mounted, as in a dental drill.
7 In mech., a cylindrical bar or spindle, either of uniform diameter, of different diameters, or tapered, used for a variety of purposes, but chiefly for the support of objects formed with holes, into which the mandrel is forcibly driven in order to hold them firmly while turning in a lathe, or in an analogous machine, or in operating upon them with a file.
8 A miners' pick.
9 In metal-working by the spinning process, the form, usually of wood, upon which the thin plate of metal or blank is pressed in order that the revolution may give it the form of the mandrel.
10 A mandrel fitted to a bearing or bearings of a support which may be set in the tool-post of the slide-rest of a lathe, or in some other traversing device. Such mandrels are used for expanding reamers and analogous tools, and they are usually driven by a pulley-and-belt mechanism.
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