Words Like SHAFT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SHAFT.

46 Alternative Words Similar to shaft

1 Shot Noun      Synonym Words Like Shot
2 Dig Noun      Synonym Words Like Dig
3 Jibe Noun      Synonym Words Like Jibe
4 Gibe Noun      Synonym Words Like Gibe
5 Beam Noun      Synonym Words Like Beam
6 Quill Noun      Synonym Words Like Quill
7 Arm Noun      Synonym Words Like Arm
8 Comment Noun      Synonym Words Like Comment
9 Light Noun      Synonym Words Like Light
10 Line Noun      Synonym Words Like Line
11 Passage Noun      Synonym Words Like Passage
12 Passageway Noun      Synonym Words Like Passageway
13 Remark Noun      Synonym Words Like Remark
14 Upright Noun      Synonym Words Like Upright
15 Vertical Noun      Synonym Words Like Vertical
16 Cheat Verb      Synonym Words Like Cheat
17 Screw Verb      Synonym Words Like Screw
18 Beat Verb      Synonym Words Like Beat
19 Crush Verb      Synonym Words Like Crush
20 Equip Verb      Synonym Words Like Equip
21 Fit Verb      Synonym Words Like Fit
22 Outfit Verb      Synonym Words Like Outfit
23 Shell Verb      Synonym Words Like Shell
24 Trounce Verb      Synonym Words Like Trounce
25 Vanquish Verb      Synonym Words Like Vanquish
26 Mandrel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mandrel
27 Camshaft Noun      Hyponym
28 Arbor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Arbor
29 Driveshaft Noun      Hyponym
30 Spindle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spindle
31 Crankshaft Noun      Hyponym
32 Mandril Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mandril
33 Input Noun      Hypernym Words Like Input
34 Thill Noun      Hyponym
35 Member Noun      Hypernym Words Like Member
36 Penis Noun      Hypernym Words Like Penis
37 Phallus Noun      Hypernym Words Like Phallus
38 Downcast Noun      Hyponym Words Like Downcast
39 Moonbeam Noun      Hyponym
40 Sunray Noun      Hyponym
41 Sunbeam Noun      Hyponym
42 Well Noun      Hyponym Words Like Well
43 Javelin Noun      Hyponym Words Like Javelin
44 Trident Noun      Hyponym
45 Assegai Noun      Hyponym
46 Assagai Noun      Hyponym

4 examples of shaft

1 shafts of light
2 the shaft of a steam engine
3 she takes a dig at me every chance she gets
4 she threw shafts of sarcasm

10 definitions of shaft

1 The slender, smooth stem of an arrow; hence, an arrow.
2 The long handle of a spear or similar weapon; hence, the weapon itself; (Fig.) anything regarded as a shaft to be thrown or darted.
3 That which resembles in some degree the stem or handle of an arrow or a spear; a long, slender part, especially when cylindrical.
4 The stem or midrib of a feather.
5 The pole, or tongue, of a vehicle; also, a thill.
6 The part of a candlestick which supports its branches.
7 The handle or helve of certain tools, instruments, etc., as a hammer, a whip, etc.
8 A pole, especially a Maypole.
9 The body of a column; the cylindrical pillar between the capital and base (see Illust. of Column). Also, the part of a chimney above the roof. Also, the spire of a steeple.
10 A column, an obelisk, or other spire-shaped or columnar monument.
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