We have put together a list of words that are similar to MANIPULATE.

23 Alternative Words Similar to manipulate

1 Falsify Verb      Synonym Words Like Falsify
2 Cook Verb      Synonym Words Like Cook
3 Misrepresent Verb      Synonym Words Like Misrepresent
4 Control Verb      Synonym Words Like Control
5 Cheat Verb      Synonym Words Like Cheat
6 Chisel Verb      Synonym Words Like Chisel
7 Handle Verb      Synonym Words Like Handle
8 Influence Verb      Synonym Words Like Influence
9 Interact Verb      Synonym Words Like Interact
10 Price Verb      Synonym Words Like Price
11 Treat Verb      Synonym Words Like Treat
12 Work Verb      Synonym Words Like Work
13 Knead Verb      Hyponym Words Like Knead
14 Manage Verb      Hyponym Words Like Manage
15 Toy Verb      Hyponym Words Like Toy
16 Fiddle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fiddle
17 Diddle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Diddle
18 Play Verb      Hyponym Words Like Play
19 Mix Verb      Hyponym Words Like Mix
20 Shuffle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shuffle
21 Operate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Operate
22 Tease Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tease
23 Juggle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Juggle

8 examples of manipulate

1 to manipulate scientific apparatus
2 to manipulate a convention of delegates;
3 to manipulate accounts, or election returns; to manipulate the stock market
4 she keeps in line
5 The teacher knew how to keep the class in line
6 She is a very controlling mother and doesn't let her children grow up
7 falsify the data
8 cook the books

10 definitions of manipulate

1 To treat, work, or operate with the hands, especially when knowledge and dexterity are required; to manage in hand work; to handle.
2 To control the action of, by management; also, to manage artfully or fraudulently.
3 To use the hands in dexterous operations; to do hand work
4 hold something in one's hands and move it
5 influence or control shrewdly or deviously
6 control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one's advantage
7 treat manually, as with massage, for therapeutic purposed
8 tamper, with the purpose of deception
9 manipulate in a fraudulent manner
10 To move, arrange, operate, or control by the hands or by mechanical means, especially in a skillful manner: She manipulated the lights to get just the effect she wanted.
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