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8 Alternative Words Similar to palette

1 Pallet Noun      Synonym Words Like Pallet
2 Ambit Noun      Synonym Words Like Ambit
3 Board Noun      Synonym Words Like Board
4 Compass Noun      Synonym Words Like Compass
5 Orbit Noun      Synonym Words Like Orbit
6 Range Noun      Synonym Words Like Range
7 Reach Noun      Synonym Words Like Reach
8 Scope Noun      Synonym Words Like Scope

10 definitions of palette

1 A thin usually oval or oblong board or tablet with a hole for the thumb at one end, on which a painter lays his pigments when painting.
2 The set of colors or pigments available for one class or character of work; the set of colors which a painter has on his palette when painting a picture: thus, in ceramics the under-glaze palette is much more limited than the over-glaze.
3 In metal-working, a breastplate against which a person leans to furnish pressure for the hand-drill.
4 In medicine: A light wooden spatula used for percussion in massage.
5 A light splint for the hand.
6 A small plate protecting the gusset of the armor.
7 In entomology, a disk-shaped organ formed by three dilated tarsal joints which are closely united.
8 In ornithology, a parrot of the genus Prioniturus: so called from the conformation of the tail.
9 In conchology, see pallet, 10.
10 A thin board on which a painter lays and mixes colours.
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