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9 Alternative Words Similar to pallet

1 Palette Noun      Synonym Words Like Palette
2 Ambit Noun      Synonym Words Like Ambit
3 Board Noun      Synonym Words Like Board
4 Compass Noun      Synonym Words Like Compass
5 Orbit Noun      Synonym Words Like Orbit
6 Platform Noun      Synonym Words Like Platform
7 Range Noun      Synonym Words Like Range
8 Reach Noun      Synonym Words Like Reach
9 Scope Noun      Synonym Words Like Scope

10 definitions of pallet

1 A mattress, couch, or bed, especially one of straw.
2 An oval or round wooden instrument used by potters, crucible-makers, etc., for forming, beating, and rounding their wares.
3 In gilding, an instrument used to take up the gold-leaves from the pillow, and to apply and extend them.
4 In bookbinding: A shallow box of brass, fitted with an end- and side-screw and handle, in which are fastened the types selected for lettering the backs of books.
5 A brass plate engraved with the letters to be used for the back of a book, and fitted with a handle: used by book-gilders.
6 In painting, same as palette.
7 In organ-building, a hinged wooden valve intended to admit or to release the compressed air; especially, a valve operated by a digital of a keyboard, by which the air is admitted to a groove or channel over which stand the pipes belonging to that digital; also, a valve (waste-pallet) which allows the surplus air to escape when the storage-bellows is too full. Also called valve-pallet. See cut under organ.
8 A board on which green bricks are carried to the hack or to the drying-place.
9 A lip or projection on the point of a pawl engaging the teeth of a wheel, as the pallet on a pendulum or on the arbor of a balance-wheel in a clock or watch, or, in some forms of feed-motions, for transforming a reciprocating motion into a rotary motion, or the reverse. It is always used with the escapement of a clock or watch, whatever its shape. See gathering-pallet.
10 A ballast-locker, formerly built in the hold of a ship.
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