We have put together a list of words that are similar to PARHELION.

8 Alternative Words Similar to parhelion

1 Sundog Noun      Synonym Words Like Sundog
2 Place Noun      Synonym Words Like Place
3 Spot Noun      Synonym Words Like Spot
4 Dapple Noun      Hypernym Words Like Dapple
5 Maculation Noun      Hypernym Words Like Maculation
6 Speckle Noun      Hypernym Words Like Speckle
7 Fleck Noun      Hypernym Words Like Fleck
8 Patch Noun      Hypernym Words Like Patch

4 definitions of parhelion

1 An intensification of a circular space in a solar halo, generally in prismatic colors, sometimes dazzlingly bright.
2 A bright spot in the sky due to the refraction of the sun’s image by ice crystals.
3 a reflection or image
4 a bright spot on the parhelic circle; caused by diffraction by ice crystals
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