Words Like SPECKLE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SPECKLE.

15 Alternative Words Similar to speckle

1 Spot Noun      Synonym Words Like Spot
2 Dapple Noun      Synonym Words Like Dapple
3 Patch Noun      Synonym Words Like Patch
4 Fleck Noun      Synonym Words Like Fleck
5 Maculation Noun      Synonym Words Like Maculation
6 Marking Noun      Synonym Words Like Marking
7 Blob Verb      Synonym Words Like Blob
8 Blot Verb      Synonym Words Like Blot
9 Nebula Noun      Hyponym Words Like Nebula
10 Sunspot Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sunspot
11 Facula Noun      Hyponym Words Like Facula
12 Parhelion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Parhelion
13 Sundog Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sundog
14 Macule Noun      Hyponym Words Like Macule
15 Macula Noun      Hyponym Words Like Macula

4 examples of speckle

1 patches of thin ice
2 a patch of clouds
3 a fleck of red
4 a leopard's spots

10 definitions of speckle

1 A little or spot in or anything, of a different substance or color from that of the thing itself.
2 To mark with small spots of a different color from that of the rest of the surface; to variegate with spots of a different color from the ground or surface.
3 mark with small spots
4 produce a mottled effect
5 a small contrasting part of something
6 A speck or small spot, as a natural dot of color on skin, plumage, or foliage.
7 A little speck or spot; a speckled marking; the state of being speckled: as, yellow with patches of speckle.
8 Color; hence, kind; sort.
9 To mark with specks or spots; fleck; speck; spot.
10 A small spot or speck on the skin, plumage or foliage.
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