We have put together a list of words that are similar to PEACEFUL.

19 Alternative Words Similar to peaceful

1 Passive Adjective      Synonym Words Like Passive
2 Unpeaceful Adjective      Antonym Words Like Unpeaceful
3 Amicable Adjective      Related Words Like Amicable
4 Nonaggressive Adjective      Related Words Like Nonaggressive
5 Nonviolent Adjective      Related Words Like Nonviolent
6 Quiet Adjective      Related Words Like Quiet
7 Unaggressive Adjective      Related Words Like Unaggressive
8 Peaceable Adjective      Similar Words Like Peaceable
9 Dovish Adjective      Similar Words Like Dovish
10 Halcyon Adjective      Similar Words Like Halcyon
11 Irenic Adjective      Similar Words Like Irenic
12 Nonbelligerent Adjective      Similar Words Like Nonbelligerent
13 Orderly Adjective      Similar Words Like Orderly
14 Pacific Adjective      Similar Words Like Pacific
15 Pacifist Adjective      Similar Words Like Pacifist
16 Pacifistic Adjective      Similar Words Like Pacifistic
17 Undisturbed Adjective      Similar Words Like Undisturbed
18 Tranquil Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tranquil
19 Calm Adjective      Synonym Words Like Calm

5 examples of peaceful

1 a peaceful time; a peaceful country; a peaceful end.
2 peaceful words
3 a far from peaceful Christmas
4 peaceful times
5 peaceful sleep

10 definitions of peaceful

1 Possessing or enjoying peace; not disturbed by war, tumult, agitation, anxiety, or commotion; quiet; tranquil
2 Not disposed or tending to war, tumult or agitation; pacific; mild; calm; peaceable.
3 not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war
4 peacefully resistant in response to injustice
5 Undisturbed by strife, turmoil, or disagreement; tranquil. See Synonyms at calm.
6 Inclined or disposed to peace; peaceable.
7 Of or characteristic of a condition of peace.
8 Full of, possessing, or enjoying peace; not in a state of war, commotion, or disquiet; quiet; undisturbed: as, a peaceful time; a peaceful country.
9 Pacific; mild; calm: as, a peaceful temper.
10 Synonyms Peaceable, etc. (see pacific), tranquil, serene.
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