Words Like PACIFIC

We have put together a list of words that are similar to PACIFIC.

4 Alternative Words Similar to pacific

1 Pacific Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pacific
2 Peaceable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Peaceable
3 Peaceful Adjective      Similar Words Like Peaceful
4 Irenic Adjective      Synonym Words Like Irenic

5 examples of pacific

1 a pacific nature or condition.
2 pacific words or acts
3 Pacific islands
4 a quiet and peaceable person
5 in a peaceable and orderly manner

10 definitions of pacific

1 Of or pertaining to peace; of a peaceful character; not warlike; not quarrelsome
2 Promoting peace; suited to make or restore peace; conciliatory.
3 of or pertaining to the Pacific Ocean.
4 disposed to peace or of a peaceful nature
5 the largest ocean in the world
6 relating to or bordering the Pacific Ocean
7 promoting peace
8 Tending to diminish or put an end to conflict; appeasing.
9 Of a peaceful nature; tranquil.
10 Serving to make or restore peace; adapted to reconcile differences; peace-making; conciliatory; mild; appeasing: as, to offer pacific propositions to a belligerent power.
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