Words Like RACE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to RACE.

50 Alternative Words Similar to race

1 Backwash Noun      Synonym Words Like Backwash
2 Competition Noun      Synonym Words Like Competition
3 Contest Noun      Synonym Words Like Contest
4 Flow Noun      Synonym Words Like Flow
5 Group Noun      Synonym Words Like Group
6 Grouping Noun      Synonym Words Like Grouping
7 Taxon Noun      Synonym Words Like Taxon
8 Rush Verb      Synonym Words Like Rush
9 Hotfoot Verb      Synonym Words Like Hotfoot
10 Hasten Verb      Synonym Words Like Hasten
11 Hie Verb      Synonym Words Like Hie
12 Speed Verb      Synonym Words Like Speed
13 Run Verb      Synonym Words Like Run
14 Act Verb      Synonym Words Like Act
15 Compete Verb      Synonym Words Like Compete
16 Contend Verb      Synonym Words Like Contend
17 Displace Verb      Synonym Words Like Displace
18 Go Verb      Synonym Words Like Go
19 Locomote Verb      Synonym Words Like Locomote
20 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
21 Travel Verb      Synonym Words Like Travel
22 Vie Verb      Synonym Words Like Vie
23 Root Noun      Synonym Words Like Root
24 Lineage Noun      Synonym Words Like Lineage
25 Breed Noun      Synonym Words Like Breed
26 Smack Noun      Synonym Words Like Smack
27 Progress Noun      Synonym Words Like Progress
28 Course Noun      Synonym Words Like Course
29 Running Noun      Synonym Words Like Running
30 Racing Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Racing
31 Relay Noun      Hyponym Words Like Relay
32 Repechage Noun      Hyponym
33 Heat Noun      Hyponym Words Like Heat
34 Burnup Noun      Hyponym Words Like Burnup
35 Footrace Noun      Hyponym Words Like Footrace
36 Freestyle Noun      Hyponym
37 Flash Verb      Hyponym Words Like Flash
38 Scud Verb      Hyponym Words Like Scud
39 Dart Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dart
40 Scoot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Scoot
41 Charge Verb      Hyponym Words Like Charge
42 Dash Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dash
43 Shoot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shoot
44 Buck Verb      Hyponym Words Like Buck
45 Tear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tear
46 Colour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Colour
47 Color Noun      Hyponym Words Like Color
48 Show Verb      Hyponym Words Like Show
49 Place Verb      Hyponym Words Like Place
50 Campaign Verb      Hyponym Words Like Campaign

6 examples of race

1 he attended the races
2 the Portland Race; the Race of Alderney.
3 the animals raced over the ground; the ships raced from port to port.
4 to race horses
5 The cars raced down the street
6 let's race and see who gets there first

10 definitions of race

1 To raze.
2 A root.
3 The descendants of a common ancestor; a family, tribe, people, or nation, believed or presumed to belong to the same stock; a lineage; a breed.
4 Company; herd; breed.
5 A variety of such fixed character that it may be propagated by seed.
6 Peculiar flavor, taste, or strength, as of wine; that quality, or assemblage of qualities, which indicates origin or kind, as in wine; hence, characteristic flavor; smack.
7 Hence, characteristic quality or disposition.
8 A progress; a course; a movement or progression.
9 Esp., swift progress; rapid course; a running.
10 Hence: The act or process of running in competition; a contest of speed in any way, as in running, riding, driving, skating, rowing, sailing; in the plural, usually, a meeting for contests in the running of horses.
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