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We have put together a list of words that are similar to ROCKER.

8 Alternative Words Similar to rocker

1 Cradle Noun      Synonym Words Like Cradle
2 Attendant Noun      Synonym Words Like Attendant
3 Attender Noun      Synonym Words Like Attender
5 Musician Noun      Synonym Words Like Musician
6 Player Noun      Synonym Words Like Player
7 Support Noun      Synonym Words Like Support
8 Tender Noun      Synonym Words Like Tender

10 definitions of rocker

1 The rock-dove, Columba livia. Montagu. Also rockier, rock.
2 One who or that which rocks.
3 The curved piece of wood on which a cradle or rocking-chair rocks.
4 A rocking-horse.
5 A rocking-chair.
6 In engraving, same as cradle, 4 .
7 A rocker-shaft.
8 In mining, same as cradle 4 .
9 In an electric-lamp regulator, a lever, pivoted in the middle, carrying at its extremities the armatures of two electromagnets, by the alternate attraction of which the carbon rods are made to separate or to approach each other.
10 A boat or yacht having a rocker keel.
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