Words Like SALT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SALT.

63 Alternative Words Similar to salt

1 Salty Adjective      Synonym Words Like Salty
2 Sharp Adjective      Similar Words Like Sharp
3 Tasty Adjective      Similar Words Like Tasty
4 Salt Noun      Synonym Words Like Salt
5 Compound Noun      Synonym Words Like Compound
6 Diplomacy Noun      Synonym Words Like Diplomacy
7 Taste Noun      Synonym Words Like Taste
8 Flavor Verb      Synonym Words Like Flavor
9 Flavour Verb      Synonym Words Like Flavour
10 Keep Verb      Synonym Words Like Keep
11 Preserve Verb      Synonym Words Like Preserve
12 Season Verb      Synonym Words Like Season
13 Savor Noun      Synonym Words Like Savor
14 Smack Noun      Synonym Words Like Smack
15 Wit Noun      Synonym Words Like Wit
16 Sense Noun      Synonym Words Like Sense
17 Saltcellar Noun      Synonym Words Like Saltcellar
18 Sailor Noun      Synonym Words Like Sailor
19 Pungent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pungent
20 Salting Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Salting
21 Oxalate Noun      Hyponym
22 Xanthate Noun      Hyponym
23 Salsoda Noun      Hyponym
24 Chlorate Noun      Hyponym
25 Silicate Noun      Hyponym
26 Carbamate Noun      Hyponym
27 Tungstate Noun      Hyponym
28 Sulphate Noun      Hyponym
29 Acrylate Noun      Hyponym
30 Fluosilicate Noun      Hyponym
31 Dichromate Noun      Hyponym
32 Citrate Noun      Hyponym
33 Arsenate Noun      Hyponym
34 Ferricyanide Noun      Hyponym
35 Oxalacetate Noun      Hyponym
36 Bichromate Noun      Hyponym
37 Pyrophosphate Noun      Hyponym
38 Perchlorate Noun      Hyponym
39 Polyphosphate Noun      Hyponym
40 Propenoate Noun      Hyponym
41 Fluoroboride Noun      Hyponym
42 Sulfate Noun      Hyponym
43 Thiocyanate Noun      Hyponym
44 Borosilicate Noun      Hyponym
45 Vanadate Noun      Hyponym
46 Chromate Noun      Hyponym
47 Borate Noun      Hyponym
48 Salicylate Noun      Hyponym
49 Glutamate Noun      Hyponym
50 Permanganate Noun      Hyponym
51 Cyanide Noun      Hyponym
52 Ferrocyanide Noun      Hyponym
53 Sulfonate Noun      Hyponym
54 Isocyanate Noun      Hyponym
55 Tartrate Noun      Hyponym
56 Benzoate Noun      Hyponym
57 Acetate Noun      Hyponym
58 Oxaloacetate Noun      Hyponym
59 Phosphate Noun      Hyponym
60 Manganate Noun      Hyponym
61 Ethanoate Noun      Hyponym
62 Hypochlorite Noun      Hyponym
63 Orthophosphate Noun      Hyponym

8 examples of salt

1 Attic salt
2 thus, sulphuric acid and iron form the salt sulphate of iron or green vitriol
3 his statements must be taken with a grain of salt
4 salt beef; salt water
5 a salt marsh; salt grass
6 to salt fish, beef, or pork; to salt cattle
7 the brine begins to salt
8 a salt apology

10 definitions of salt

1 The chloride of sodium, a substance used for seasoning food, for the preservation of meat, etc. It is found native in the earth, and is also produced, by evaporation and crystallization, from sea water and other water impregnated with saline particles.
2 Hence, flavor; taste; savor; smack; seasoning.
3 Hence, also, piquancy; wit; sense.
4 A dish for salt at table; a saltcellar.
5 A sailor; -- usually qualified by old.
6 The neutral compound formed by the union of an acid and a base.
7 Fig.: That which preserves from corruption or error; that which purifies; a corrective; an antiseptic; also, an allowance or deduction.
8 Any mineral salt used as an aperient or cathartic, especially Epsom salts, Rochelle salt, or Glauber's salt.
9 Marshes flooded by the tide.
10 Of or relating to salt; abounding in, or containing, salt; prepared or preserved with, or tasting of, salt; salted.
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