Words Like WAGER

We have put together a list of words that are similar to WAGER.

32 Alternative Words Similar to wager

1 Bet Noun      Synonym Words Like Bet
2 Stake Noun      Synonym Words Like Stake
3 Stakes Noun      Synonym Words Like Stakes
4 Gamble Noun      Synonym Words Like Gamble
5 Gambling Noun      Synonym Words Like Gambling
6 Gaming Noun      Synonym Words Like Gaming
7 Play Noun      Synonym Words Like Play
8 Anticipate Verb      Synonym Words Like Anticipate
9 Call Verb      Synonym Words Like Call
10 Forebode Verb      Synonym Words Like Forebode
11 Foretell Verb      Synonym Words Like Foretell
12 Predict Verb      Synonym Words Like Predict
13 Prognosticate Verb      Synonym Words Like Prognosticate
14 Promise Verb      Synonym Words Like Promise
15 Pledge Noun      Synonym Words Like Pledge
16 Wagered Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Wagered
17 Wagering Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Wagering
18 Lay Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Lay
19 Pool Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pool
20 Ante Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ante
21 Kitty Noun      Hyponym Words Like Kitty
22 Pot Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pot
23 Perfecta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perfecta
24 Superfecta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Superfecta
25 Parimutuel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Parimutuel
26 Exacta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Exacta
27 Parlay Noun      Hyponym Words Like Parlay
28 Raise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Raise
29 See Verb      Hyponym Words Like See
30 Béton Verb      Hyponym
31 Back Verb      Hyponym Words Like Back
32 Game Verb      Hyponym Words Like Game

1 examples of wager

1 She played all her money on the dark horse

10 definitions of wager

1 Something deposited, laid, or hazarded on the event of a contest or an unsettled question; a bet; a stake; a pledge.
2 A contract by which two parties or more agree that a certain sum of money, or other thing, shall be paid or delivered to one of them, on the happening or not happening of an uncertain event.
3 That on which bets are laid; the subject of a bet.
4 To hazard on the issue of a contest, or on some question that is to be decided, or on some eventuality; to lay; to stake; to bet.
5 To make a bet; to lay a wager.
6 the money risked on a gamble
7 maintain with or as if with a bet
8 the act of gambling
9 stake on the outcome of an issue
10 An agreement under which each bettor pledges a certain amount to the other depending on the outcome of an unsettled matter.
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