Words Like BET

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BET.

40 Alternative Words Similar to bet

1 Stake Noun      Synonym Words Like Stake
2 Stakes Noun      Synonym Words Like Stakes
3 Wager Noun      Synonym Words Like Wager
4 Gamble Noun      Synonym Words Like Gamble
5 Gambling Noun      Synonym Words Like Gambling
6 Gaming Noun      Synonym Words Like Gaming
7 Play Noun      Synonym Words Like Play
8 Count Verb      Synonym Words Like Count
9 Depend Verb      Synonym Words Like Depend
10 Look Verb      Synonym Words Like Look
11 Calculate Verb      Synonym Words Like Calculate
12 Reckon Verb      Synonym Words Like Reckon
13 Anticipate Verb      Synonym Words Like Anticipate
14 Bank Verb      Synonym Words Like Bank
15 Call Verb      Synonym Words Like Call
16 Forebode Verb      Synonym Words Like Forebode
17 Foretell Verb      Synonym Words Like Foretell
18 Predict Verb      Synonym Words Like Predict
19 Prognosticate Verb      Synonym Words Like Prognosticate
20 Promise Verb      Synonym Words Like Promise
21 Rely Verb      Synonym Words Like Rely
22 Swear Verb      Synonym Words Like Swear
23 Trust Verb      Synonym Words Like Trust
24 Bet Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Bet
25 Beat      Variant Words Like Beat
26 Better Adjective-and-adverb      Variant Words Like Better
27 Raise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Raise
28 See Verb      Hyponym Words Like See
29 Béton Verb      Hyponym
30 Back Verb      Hyponym Words Like Back
31 Game Verb      Hyponym Words Like Game
32 Pool Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pool
33 Ante Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ante
34 Kitty Noun      Hyponym Words Like Kitty
35 Pot Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pot
36 Perfecta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perfecta
37 Superfecta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Superfecta
38 Parimutuel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Parimutuel
39 Exacta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Exacta
40 Parlay Noun      Hyponym Words Like Parlay

4 examples of bet

1 She played all her money on the dark horse
2 You can bet on that!
3 Look to your friends for support
4 Depend on your family in times of crisis

10 definitions of bet

1 That which is laid, staked, or pledged, as between two parties, upon the event of a contest or any contingent issue; the act of giving such a pledge; a wager.
2 To stake or pledge upon the event of a contingent issue; to wager.
3 imp. & p. p. of beat.
4 An early form of better.
5 stake on the outcome of an issue
6 the money risked on a gamble
7 the act of gambling
8 maintain with or as if with a bet
9 have faith or confidence in
10 An agreement usually between two parties that the one who has made an incorrect prediction about an uncertain outcome will forfeit something stipulated to the other; a wager.
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