Words Like WANT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to WANT.

23 Alternative Words Similar to want

1 Lack Noun      Synonym Words Like Lack
2 Need Noun      Synonym Words Like Need
3 Wish Noun      Synonym Words Like Wish
4 Wishing Noun      Synonym Words Like Wishing
5 Demand Noun      Synonym Words Like Demand
6 Desire Noun      Synonym Words Like Desire
7 Essential Noun      Synonym Words Like Essential
8 Require Verb      Synonym Words Like Require
9 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
10 Miss Verb      Synonym Words Like Miss
11 Search Verb      Synonym Words Like Search
12 Seek Verb      Synonym Words Like Seek
13 Destitution Noun      Synonym Words Like Destitution
14 Fail Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Fail
15 Velleity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Velleity
16 Fancy Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fancy
17 Care Verb      Hyponym Words Like Care
18 Begrudge Verb      Hyponym Words Like Begrudge
19 Like Verb      Hyponym Words Like Like
20 Starve Verb      Hyponym Words Like Starve
21 Hope Verb      Hyponym Words Like Hope
22 Tightness Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tightness
23 Cry Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cry

10 examples of want

1 a want of power or knowledge for any purpose; want of food and clothing.
2 to want knowledge; to want judgment; to want learning; to want food and clothing.
3 in winter we want a fire; in summer we want cooling breezes
4 it wants ten minutes of four
5 he was above all wishing and desire
6 I want my own room
7 I tried to supply his wants
8 water is the critical deficiency in desert regions
9 for want of a nail the shoe was lost
10 want the strength to go on living

10 definitions of want

1 The state of not having; the condition of being without anything; absence or scarcity of what is needed or desired; deficiency; lack
2 Specifically, absence or lack of necessaries; destitution; poverty; penury; indigence; need.
3 That which is needed or desired; a thing of which the loss is felt; what is not possessed, and is necessary for use or pleasure.
4 A depression in coal strata, hollowed out before the subsequent deposition took place.
5 To be without; to be destitute of, or deficient in; not to have; to lack
6 To have occasion for, as useful, proper, or requisite; to require; to need.
7 To feel need of; to wish or long for; to desire; to crave.
8 To be absent; to be deficient or lacking; to fail; not to be sufficient; to fall or come short; to lack; -- often used impersonally with of.
9 To be in a state of destitution; to be needy; to lack.
10 a specific feeling of desire
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