Words Like WASTE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to WASTE.

53 Alternative Words Similar to waste

1 Cheerless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Cheerless
2 Consume Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Consume
3 Use Verb      Synonym Words Like Use
4 Act Noun      Hypernym Words Like Act
5 Deed Noun      Hypernym Words Like Deed
6 Apply Verb      Synonym Words Like Apply
7 Employ Verb      Hypernym Words Like Employ
8 Utilise Verb      Synonym Words Like Utilise
9 Utilize Verb      Hypernym Words Like Utilize
10 Run Verb      Hypernym Words Like Run
11 Activity Noun      Synonym Words Like Activity
12 Course Verb      Hypernym Words Like Course
13 Gloomy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Gloomy
14 Dismal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dismal
15 Worthless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Worthless
16 Weaken Verb      Synonym Words Like Weaken
17 Wanton Verb      Hyponym Words Like Wanton
18 Burn Verb      Hyponym Words Like Burn
19 Devolve Verb      Synonym Words Like Devolve
20 Material Noun      Hypernym Words Like Material
21 Lavish Verb      Hyponym Words Like Lavish
22 Fling Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fling
23 Toss Verb      Synonym Words Like Toss
24 Spend Verb      Hypernym Words Like Spend
25 Ware Verb      Synonym Words Like Ware
26 Throwaway Verb      Hypernym Words Like Throwaway
27 Bare Adjective      Synonym Words Like Bare
28 Fool Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fool
29 Destroy Verb      Hypernym Words Like Destroy
30 Excrement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Excrement
31 Excreta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Excreta
32 Excretion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Excretion
33 Squander Verb      Synonym Words Like Squander
34 Exhaust Noun      Hyponym Words Like Exhaust
35 Drop Verb      Hypernym Words Like Drop
36 Expend Verb      Synonym Words Like Expend
37 Ruin Verb      Hypernym Words Like Ruin
38 Refuse Adjective      Synonym Words Like Refuse
39 Shoot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shoot
40 Blow Verb      Synonym Words Like Blow
41 Feed Verb      Hypernym Words Like Feed
42 Impurity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Impurity
43 Stuff Noun      Hypernym Words Like Stuff
44 Dispose Verb      Synonym Words Like Dispose
45 Scourge Verb      Synonym Words Like Scourge
46 Dissipate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dissipate
47 Scrap Noun      Hyponym Words Like Scrap
48 Flow Verb      Synonym Words Like Flow
49 Squandering Noun      Hyponym Words Like Squandering
50 Dwindle Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Dwindle
51 Overspend Verb      Hyponym Words Like Overspend
52 Boondoggle Noun      Hyponym
53 Pollutant Noun      Hyponym

10 examples of waste

1 waste land; waste paper
2 a waste of property, time, labor, words, etc
3 the trackless wastes of the desert
4 the wastefulness of missed opportunities
5 mindless dissipation of natural resources
6 a godforsaken wilderness crossroads
7 a wild stretch of land
8 waste places
9 You squandered the opportunity to get and advanced degree
10 the double agent was neutralized

10 definitions of waste

1 Desolate; devastated; stripped; bare; hence, dreary; dismal; gloomy; cheerless.
2 Lying unused; unproductive; worthless; valueless; refuse; rejected.
3 Lost for want of occupiers or use; superfluous.
4 To bring to ruin; to devastate; to desolate; to destroy.
5 To wear away by degrees; to impair gradually; to diminish by constant loss; to use up; to consume; to spend; to wear out.
6 To spend unnecessarily or carelessly; to employ prodigally; to expend without valuable result; to apply to useless purposes; to lavish vainly; to squander; to cause to be lost; to destroy by scattering or injury.
7 To damage, impair, or injure, as an estate, voluntarily, or by suffering the buildings, fences, etc., to go to decay.
8 To be diminished; to lose bulk, substance, strength, value, or the like, gradually; to be consumed; to dwindle; to grow less; -- commonly used with away.
9 To procure or sustain a reduction of flesh; -- said of a jockey in preparation for a race, etc.
10 The act of wasting, or the state of being wasted; a squandering; needless destruction; useless consumption or expenditure; devastation; loss without equivalent gain; gradual loss or decrease, by use, wear, or decay.
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