Words Like WARE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to WARE.

35 Alternative Words Similar to ware

1 Merchandise Noun      Synonym Words Like Merchandise
2 Product Noun      Synonym Words Like Product
3 Commodity Noun      Synonym Words Like Commodity
4 Good Noun      Synonym Words Like Good
5 Consume Verb      Synonym Words Like Consume
6 Squander Verb      Synonym Words Like Squander
7 Waste Verb      Synonym Words Like Waste
8 Drop Verb      Synonym Words Like Drop
9 Expend Verb      Synonym Words Like Expend
10 Spend Verb      Synonym Words Like Spend
11 Wear Verb-transitive      Variant Words Like Wear
12 Ware Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ware
13 Second Noun      Hyponym Words Like Second
14 Line Noun      Hyponym Words Like Line
15 Refill Noun      Hyponym Words Like Refill
16 Stock Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stock
17 Shlock Noun      Hyponym
18 Ironmongery Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ironmongery
19 Dreck Noun      Hyponym
20 Feature Noun      Hyponym Words Like Feature
21 Consignment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Consignment
22 Number Noun      Hyponym Words Like Number
23 Schlock Noun      Hyponym
24 Irregular Noun      Hyponym Words Like Irregular
25 Load Noun      Hyponym Words Like Load
26 Release Noun      Hyponym Words Like Release
27 Fling Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fling
28 Dissipate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dissipate
29 Fool Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fool
30 Lavish Verb      Hyponym Words Like Lavish
31 Shoot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shoot
32 Wanton Verb      Hyponym Words Like Wanton
33 Overspend Verb      Hyponym Words Like Overspend
34 Woodenware Noun      Hyponym
35 Metalware Noun      Hyponym Words Like Metalware

1 examples of ware

1 that store offers a variety of products

10 definitions of ware

1 Wore.
2 To wear, or veer. See wear.
3 Seaweed.
4 Articles of merchandise; the sum of articles of a particular kind or class; style or class of manufactures; especially, in the plural, goods; commodities; merchandise.
5 A ware; taking notice; hence, wary; cautious; on one's guard. See beware.
6 The state of being ware or aware; heed.
7 To make ware; to warn; to take heed of; to beware of; to guard against.
8 commodities offered for sale
9 spend extravagantly
10 articles of the same kind or material; usually used in combination: `silverware', `software'
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