Words Like FEATURE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FEATURE.

42 Alternative Words Similar to feature

2 Lineament Noun      Synonym Words Like Lineament
3 Attribute Noun      Synonym Words Like Attribute
4 Dimension Noun      Synonym Words Like Dimension
5 Film Noun      Synonym Words Like Film
6 Merchandise Noun      Synonym Words Like Merchandise
7 Pic Noun      Synonym Words Like Pic
8 Picture Noun      Synonym Words Like Picture
9 Product Noun      Synonym Words Like Product
10 Property Noun      Synonym Words Like Property
11 Ware Noun      Synonym Words Like Ware
12 Have Verb      Synonym Words Like Have
13 Feature Verb      Synonym Words Like Feature
14 Sport Verb      Synonym Words Like Sport
15 Lack Verb      Antonym Words Like Lack
16 Form Noun      Synonym Words Like Form
17 Shape Noun      Synonym Words Like Shape
18 Imply Verb      Hyponym Words Like Imply
19 Involve Verb      Hyponym Words Like Involve
20 Pack Verb      Hyponym Words Like Pack
21 Possess Verb      Hyponym Words Like Possess
22 Combine Verb      Hyponym Words Like Combine
23 Read Verb      Hyponym Words Like Read
24 Carry Verb      Hyponym Words Like Carry
25 Unite Verb      Hyponym Words Like Unite
26 Bear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bear
27 Brim Verb      Hyponym Words Like Brim
28 Star Verb      Hyponym Words Like Star
29 Burst Verb      Hyponym Words Like Burst
30 Take Verb      Hyponym Words Like Take
31 Say Verb      Hyponym Words Like Say
32 Wear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Wear
33 Leader Noun      Hyponym Words Like Leader
34 Centrepiece Noun      Hyponym
35 Facet Noun      Hyponym Words Like Facet
36 Centerpiece Noun      Hyponym
37 Aspect Noun      Hyponym Words Like Aspect
38 Mentum Noun      Hyponym
39 Chin Noun      Hyponym
40 Forehead Noun      Hyponym
41 Brow Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brow
42 Cheek Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cheek

3 examples of feature

1 one of the features of the landscape
2 generosity is one of his best characteristics
3 his lineaments were very regular

10 definitions of feature

1 The make, form, or outward appearance of a person; the whole turn or style of the body; esp., good appearance.
2 The make, cast, or appearance of the human face, and especially of any single part of the face; a lineament. (pl.) The face, the countenance.
3 The cast or structure of anything, or of any part of a thing, as of a landscape, a picture, a treaty, or an essay; any marked peculiarity or characteristic.
4 A form; a shape.
5 wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner
6 have as a feature
7 an article of merchandise that is displayed or advertised more than other articles
8 a prominent attribute or aspect of something
9 the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater
10 the characteristic parts of a person's face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin
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