Words Like THIN

We have put together a list of words that are similar to THIN.

32 Alternative Words Similar to thin

1 Light Adjective      Similar Words Like Light
2 Gain Verb      Antonym Words Like Gain
3 Turn Verb      Synonym Words Like Turn
4 Depressed Adjective      Similar Words Like Depressed
5 Draw Verb      Hyponym Words Like Draw
6 Full Adjective      Antonym Words Like Full
7 Pinched Adjective      Similar Words Like Pinched
8 Rarefied Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Rarefied
9 Rarified Adjective      Similar Words Like Rarified
10 Spiritless Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Spiritless
11 Flat Adjective      Similar Words Like Flat
12 Weaken Verb      Synonym Words Like Weaken
13 Transparent Adjective      Similar Words Like Transparent
14 Weak Adjective      Similar Words Like Weak
15 Flimsy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Flimsy
16 Insignificant Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Insignificant
17 Pale Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Pale
18 Thin Adjective      Related Words Like Thin
19 Unimportant Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Unimportant
20 Svelte Adjective      Similar Words Like Svelte
21 Fat Adjective      Antonym Words Like Fat
22 Lean Adjective      Related Words Like Lean
23 Cut Verb      Synonym Words Like Cut
24 Sheer Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Sheer
25 Reduce Verb      Hypernym Words Like Reduce
26 Narrow Adjective      Similar Words Like Narrow
27 Skinny Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Skinny
28 Fine Adjective      Similar Words Like Fine
29 Thick Adjective      Antonym Words Like Thick
30 Small Adjective      Synonym Words Like Small
31 Distributed Adjective      Equivalent Words Like Distributed
32 Cutback Verb      Hypernym Words Like Cutback

10 examples of thin

1 a thin plate of metal; thin paper; a thin board; a thin covering.
2 thin blood; thin broth; thin air
3 the trees of a forest are thin; the corn or grass is thin.
4 a person becomes thin by disease
5 a thin disguise
6 seed sown thin
7 geological strata thin out, i. e., gradually diminish in thickness until they disappear
8 trees were sparse
9 Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look
10 a tenuous argument

10 definitions of thin

1 Having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite
2 Rare; not dense or thick; -- applied to fluids or soft mixtures.
3 Not close; not crowded; not filling the space; not having the individuals of which the thing is composed in a close or compact state; hence, not abundant
4 Not full or well grown; wanting in plumpness.
5 Not stout; slim; slender; lean; gaunt.
6 Wanting in body or volume; small; feeble; not full.
7 Slight; small; slender; flimsy; wanting substance or depth or force; superficial; inadequate; not sufficient for a covering.
8 Not thickly or closely; in a seattered state.
9 To make thin (in any of the senses of the adjective).
10 To grow or become thin; -- used with some adverbs, as out, away, etc..
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