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8 Alternative Words Similar to baron

1 King Noun      Synonym Words Like King
2 Magnate Noun      Synonym Words Like Magnate
3 Mogul Noun      Synonym Words Like Mogul
4 Power Noun      Synonym Words Like Power
5 Tycoon Noun      Synonym Words Like Tycoon
6 Businessman Noun      Synonym Words Like Businessman
7 Noble Noun      Synonym Words Like Noble
8 Nobleman Noun      Synonym Words Like Nobleman

1 examples of baron

1 baron and feme, husband and wife

10 definitions of baron

1 A title or degree of nobility; originally, the possessor of a fief, who had feudal tenants under him; in modern times, in France and Germany, a nobleman next in rank below a count; in England, a nobleman of the lowest grade in the House of Lords, being next below a viscount.
2 A husband.
3 a nobleman (in various countries) of varying rank
4 a very wealthy or powerful businessman
5 a British peer of the lowest rank
6 A British nobleman of the lowest rank.
7 A nobleman of continental Europe, ranked differently in various countries.
8 A Japanese nobleman of the lowest rank.
9 Used as the title for such a nobleman.
10 A feudal tenant holding his rights and title directly from a king or another feudal superior.
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