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6 Alternative Words Similar to magnate

1 Baron Noun      Synonym Words Like Baron
2 King Noun      Synonym Words Like King
3 Mogul Noun      Synonym Words Like Mogul
4 Power Noun      Synonym Words Like Power
5 Tycoon Noun      Synonym Words Like Tycoon
6 Businessman Noun      Synonym Words Like Businessman

1 examples of magnate

1 an industrial magnate

10 definitions of magnate

1 A person of rank; a noble or grandee; a person of influence or distinction in any sphere; -- used mostly of prominent business executives.
2 One of the nobility, or certain high officers of state belonging to the noble estate in the national representation of Hungary, and formerly of Poland.
3 a very wealthy or powerful businessman
4 A powerful or influential person, especially in business or industry: an oil magnate.
5 A person of rank; a noble or grandee; a person of note or distinction in any sphere: as, a railroad magnate.
6 Specifically
7 One of the members of the upper house of the Diet of Hungary, called the House (or Table) of Magnates. It comprises certain hereditary peers, high state dignitaries and ecclesiastics, life peers, etc.
8 Metal object with flux.
9 Powerful industrialist; captain of industry.
10 A person of rank, influence or distinction in any sphere.
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