Words Like BLACK

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BLACK.

49 Alternative Words Similar to black

1 Dim Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dim
2 Dark Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dark
3 Calamitous Adjective      Synonym Words Like Calamitous
4 Disastrous Adjective      Synonym Words Like Disastrous
5 Fatal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fatal
6 Fateful Adjective      Synonym Words Like Fateful
7 Blackened Adjective      Synonym Words Like Blackened
8 Grim Adjective      Synonym Words Like Grim
9 Inglorious Adjective      Synonym Words Like Inglorious
10 White Adjective      Antonym Words Like White
11 Colored Adjective      Similar Words Like Colored
12 Colorful Adjective      Similar Words Like Colorful
13 Coloured Adjective      Similar Words Like Coloured
14 Covert Adjective      Similar Words Like Covert
15 Dirty Adjective      Similar Words Like Dirty
16 Evil Adjective      Similar Words Like Evil
17 Hopeless Adjective      Similar Words Like Hopeless
18 Unfortunate Adjective      Similar Words Like Unfortunate
19 Black Noun      Synonym Words Like Black
20 Clothing Noun      Synonym Words Like Clothing
21 Habiliment Noun      Synonym Words Like Habiliment
22 Individual Noun      Synonym Words Like Individual
23 Man Noun      Synonym Words Like Man
24 Mortal Noun      Synonym Words Like Mortal
25 Person Noun      Synonym Words Like Person
26 Piece Noun      Synonym Words Like Piece
27 Somebody Noun      Synonym Words Like Somebody
28 Someone Noun      Synonym Words Like Someone
29 Soul Noun      Synonym Words Like Soul
30 Vesture Noun      Synonym Words Like Vesture
31 Wear Noun      Synonym Words Like Wear
32 Wearable Noun      Synonym Words Like Wearable
33 Color Verb      Synonym Words Like Color
34 Colour Verb      Synonym Words Like Colour
35 Discolor Verb      Synonym Words Like Discolor
36 Discolour Verb      Synonym Words Like Discolour
37 Mournful Adjective      Synonym Words Like Mournful
38 Sullenly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Sullenly
39 Threateningly Adverb      Synonym Words Like Threateningly
40 Stain Noun      Synonym Words Like Stain
41 Spot Noun      Synonym Words Like Spot
42 Soil Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Soil
43 Darky Noun      Hyponym Words Like Darky
44 Picaninny Noun      Hyponym Words Like Picaninny
45 Spade Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spade
46 Darkey Noun      Hyponym Words Like Darkey
47 Darkie Noun      Hyponym Words Like Darkie
48 Pickaninny Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pickaninny
49 Piccaninny Noun      Hyponym Words Like Piccaninny

10 examples of black

1 black cloth; black hair or eyes
2 a black night; the heavens black with clouds
3 to regard one with black looks
4 a cloth has a good black
5 she wears black
6 grim laughter
7 fun ranging from slapstick clowning ... to savage mordant wit
8 a grim joke
9 his shirt was black within an hour
10 in the black of night

10 definitions of black

1 Destitute of light, or incapable of reflecting it; of the color of soot or coal; of the darkest or a very dark color, the opposite of white; characterized by such a color.
2 In a less literal sense: Enveloped or shrouded in darkness; very dark or gloomy.
3 Fig.: Dismal, gloomy, or forbidding, like darkness; destitute of moral light or goodness; atrociously wicked; cruel; mournful; calamitous; horrible.
4 Expressing menace, or discontent; threatening; sullen; foreboding.
5 Sullenly; threateningly; maliciously; so as to produce blackness.
6 That which is destitute of light or whiteness; the darkest color, or rather a destitution of all color.
7 A black pigment or dye.
8 A negro; a person whose skin is of a black color, or shaded with black; esp. a member or descendant of certain African races.
9 A black garment or dress
10 The part of a thing which is distinguished from the rest by being black.
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